WordPress: Engage Your Readers and Increase Sales with Embedded Video

If you’re looking to improve conversion on your WordPress blog, look no further than embedded video.  Adding video is very simple, and can often have incredible results.  For instance, in November of 2008, the brains behind Monty Python made their clips available for sharing and streaming online.  These videos linked back to their Amazon DVD sales page, and sales of their DVDs went up by 23,000 percent.

It’s pretty clear that no matter what your end goal is, be it sales, click-throughs, sign-ups, or referrals, embedding videos into your blog increases the chances of you reaching that goal.

Video Works:


From 2007 to 2008, the global viewing of retail videos online increased from nearly 25 million unique viewers to almost 35 million, an astounding jump of 40%. Video been proven to reduce abandoned shopping carts and generate higher sales; since actual visitors only increased by 4%, any site featuring video has a clear head start on the competition.

Embedded video will keep your visitor’s attention and keep them actively involved in a purchase.  It creates a central focus point with a set duration (the length of the video) that requires the full visual and auditory commitment of the visitor.  This keeps them on your site longer, building your brand recognition and increasing the odds they will look at other parts of your site.  And implementing video is pretty simple with an easy website builder like WordPress.

How to Embed Video:


The easiest way to pull video from a site such as Youtube or Google Video is copying and pasting the embed code.  You can traditionally find this code on the site just under or right next to the video you wish to embed (Youtube’s is right below the summary, for instance).   Some sites may have a “share” button instead; just click that button for the code.

The other option is using a plug-in.  For instance, the aptly named “Embedded Video” plug-in will allow you to embed videos from a variety of sources (including your own uploads) with very little headache.  This plug-in currently supports Youtube, Google Video, DailyMotion, MyVideo, ClipFish, Metacafe, Myspace Video, and quite a few more.  You can find this plug-in here: Embedded Video for WordPress

If you’re serious about creating a lasting relationship with your customers and building a business, then you have to find ways to engage them on your site.  Embedded video is a powerful weapon in your arsenal and will help ensure your visitors stay on your site longer.  When used effectively, you should see not only an increase in the duration of visits, but an increase in sales, sign-ups, or whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish.  Use your WordPress website builder to add embedded video to your site and see the results for yourself.

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Tom Harris was writing about Wordpress before Wordpress existed forever seeking the ultimate tool to explode online business. Tom has been on the net since its inception at Universities and has been a proponent of “user friendly” technology all his life. He now covers the intersection of business and technology from the gulf coast of Louisiana. Previously, Harris was the tech reporter for several local daily newspapers in New York state, Pittsburgh and London. He is an avid fan of technology and its affect on society, business and politics around the world.