Customer Service

Please note that the refund policies vary depending on the product or service purchased. Unless stated otherwise in the product description no refunds will be provided once the product or service is received.

In the case of downloadable books and reports no refunds will be given after the download link has been provided.

In the case of webinars there will be no refunds once the webinar has started, however Purchasers may cancel and receive a refund if Purchaser’s cancelleation request is received 1 hour or more prior to the start of the webinar.

In the case of in person seminars, no refunds will be provided if cancellation is received less then 7 days prior to the seminar.

In the case of website development refunds will not be provided once the site is considered completed by and accepted by the customer. Once a website is completed will communicate its completion to the Purchaser. Purchaser shall have 5 business days to accept, reject or request changes to the site. In the event the Purchaser does not respond or provide any response within 5 business days from the site completion notification, then the website shall be considered accepted by the Purchaser and no refunds will be provided after that time. In the event the Purchaser provides any payments prior to completion of the website and is unable to complete the website based on the agreed upon specifications (in the sole determination of then the Purchaser shall be entitled to a refund of any payments made to for that website. 

Under no circumstances shall refunds be provided for 3rd party purchases by bought specifically for Purchasers’ website project. In the event Purchaser requested options for their website that had to buy from 3rd parties (for example a custom graphic theme) the cost of any and all 3rd party purchases by shall not be refunded under any circumstances, however such items (software, custom themes or otherwise) and their licenses shall be provided to the Purchaser.

Any questions about these policies should be submitted on our contact form by clicking here.