Which Web Host Do I Choose?

Can I get a Free Website Builder with Free Domain? 

When beginning to set up your website the most important considerations are which website builder and domain host you should use.  A combination of WordPress and Blue Host can provide you with the free website builder with free domain that you are looking for.

A good host is vital to the development of a website, and Blue Host offers its customers a great hosting service, with many advantages.  When this is combined with WordPress, a great site can be easily and quickly produced using a free website builder with a free domain. 

Benefits of Using Blue Host 

For new users especially, there are many benefits to choosing Blue Host.  These include a free domain for life, free ecommerce shopping cart, free promotion package, free blog, forum or board, and free Yahoo and Google credits.  Even if you are not a new customer, there are great benefits available if you transfer your website to Blue Host.   

Blue Host offers its users fantastic customer service.  Not only will they provide you with everything you need to get started on the web, including step-by-step guides and video tutorials, they will also be there to answer any questions you may have.  You can call them 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and someone will be there to help you through any problems. 

Furthermore, with Blue Host services, you get two auto install scripts, which ensure you can do everything you need, including modifications, updates and customizations, quickly and easily.  Blue Host offers the auto-installation services of both Fantastico and Simple Scripts, which combined, guarantees that a wide variety of applications can be easily added to any website.

Fantastico is a script library that is well known and well used, and although Simple Scripts offers the same basic automatic application installation services, it generally works faster and covers a wider variety of scripts.  This combination ensures that the application script you desire can be downloaded quickly and effortlessly. 

Benefits of Using Blue Host with WordPress 

WordPress is exceptionally easy to use with Blue Host.  The online tutorial, available on BlueHost.com, shows you exactly what to do, and by selecting just a few options and choosing a password, you can be using WordPress with Blue Host, in less than a minute.

Blue Host uses Fantastico which enables you to install WordPress very quickly and easily, and the auto-install of Simple Scripts, means that all updates are installed instantly and automatically.

If you are looking for a free website builder with free domain, you cannot go wrong with the combination offered by WordPress and Blue Host.  Blue Host has everything you will need to support and update your website, while WordPress has all the technology to build and customize the website you want.