What is BuildMySiteforFree.com?

I’ve designed BuildMySiteforFree.com, as your final destination for all the WordPress tips, tools and information you need,  to make it easy for you to launch, maintain and grow your WordPress blog or website.

My father used to say “knowledge is power” and that is what Build My Site for Free is about…providing you with lots of knowledge and tools so that you can succeed online.

What is WordPress?

When I discovered WordPress a few years ago I had no idea what I had found.  I just thought it was a simpler way to build a website.  I had no idea how simple it would be! 

So I did what a lot of people usually do…I spent about 2 to 3 weeks getting the site built.  Three programmers and hundreds of dollars later I finally had my website.

You see I didn’t know about themes and plugins.  I just thought WordPress was just easier software to build a site.  But I still didn’t know how to use it.

I didn’t know that what took me 3 weeks then could take 10 minutes today and for a lot less cost!

Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the easiest to use and most widely installed open source website builders available today.  It is installed on over 20 million large and small blogs and websites worldwide including CNN, the New York Times,  Groupon.com , The Wall Street Journal, Pepsi, Staples Office Supply and even us, Build My Site for Free.

As open source software it is offered free and the source code to is available to thousands of developers worldwide.  Not only is the software developed and updated by programmers for free but thousands of plugins (feature add ins) and themes (graphic designs) are provided for use on WordPress sites.

While the website builder software and many of the themes and plugins are free you will still need to learn how to use them and to find the best options to build and maintain your website or blog.

Now my father also used to say…”time is money”  and that is what Build My Site for Free is about, saving you time so that you can make more money!

Build My Site for Free will help you build your website easily:

That’s where Build My Site for Free comes in.   We’re here to save you time and money by providing  free information, tips and tools for your WordPress website.

At BuildMySiteforFree.com we have provided you will lots of tools and information to build your website or blog.  Check out our WordPress Themes directory where you will see lots of themes including those for Restaurants, Photographers, Real Estate Agents and more.

Not sure how to install a theme? Click Here to learn how to install a WordPress Theme.

If you don’t like any of the free themes consider spending as little as $25 to purchase a theme.  When you purchase a theme you get support from the developer for any questions or problems with the themes use and implementation within your WordPress website builder.

Click Here to visit our premium WordPress Themes Directory with over 1,000 themes to choose from.

Visit our WordPress Plugins Directory where you will have a choice of hundreds of WordPress Plugins to use to add features to your site.

Not sure how to install a plug in? Click here to learn how to install a WordPress Plugin.

Need a domain name and not sure how to choose one?

Click here to learn how to choose a domain name

Have other questions about how to use WordPress?

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Want to build an email list on your site?  Would you like to connect your site to Twitter and Facebook?

Click here for lots of articles about how to market your blog or website, how to get traffic to your site and more.

We’re here to provide all the answers for you.  We’re a solutions driven website.  If you don’t find what you need please contact us and ask.  We need your help to make this the ultimate destination for everything WordPress.