Free WordPress Blog Setup

Why would someone want to have us install WordPress for them?

First of all its Free. Why not let us do the work for you!.

But, second of all, we have years of experience with Wordpress having installed lots of sites since 2007.  We know the most important features you will need and these will get installed and set up for you.  Once we complete the installation we will provide information to enable you to take control of your website and add your content.

1. What do I get with my Free Blog Setup:

You get to choose from thousands of designs for blogs and websites. Here are some examples of websites you will be able to build with our system:

Restaurant Website Real Estate Website Blog Magazine Website

Most of these graphic templates are Free and some cost a small amount.

You can also easily add many different feature plugins to your site. Here is a sampling of just a few:

  • Keep comment spam to a minimum with this plugin
  • Put your sites find-ability on steroids with the Search Engine SEO plugin
  • A contact us form that takes all of 30 seconds to install
  • Explode your sites traffic with this plugin that enables visitors to email, tweet and post your content and special deals to social networks
  • This plugin makes it a cinch to put videos on your site
  • Don’t forget to back up your website-this plugin does it automatically every week for you.
  • A plugin that automatically post’s your content and specials to Facebook and Twitter
  • …and thousands more, most of them for free

2. What do I Need to Do to Get My Website or Blog Setup for Free?

In order to have a website on the Internet you need to have a web host.  These are the companies that provide the computer servers that are connected to the Internet.  You need to rent “space” on their computer for your website. Once you sign up for hosting its up to you to install your website.  Its like when you rent an apartment.  The landlord provides the space but you need to bring in the furniture, dishes, clothing etc. to make it your home.

We’re saying if you rent the web host, we’ll set up your web site for free.

In return for signing up for web hosting from one of recommended partners we will set up your site for free.  We do this as we earn a commission from your sign up.

There are thousands of web hosts to choose from so how do you pick the best one?  We’ve done that work for you and found the best hosts online to choose from.

We’ve chosen these hosts as they offer the highest uptime (time without outages) of 99.9%, 24 hour US based telephone tech support (yes you can talk with a human at any time day or night to solve your technical problems) as well as unlimited storage, unlimited web sites, free email, free ecommerce and lots more.  We don’t just recommend these hosts we’re customers too!

For .01 for your first month you will be able to begin making money online with ecommerce and a website that you can build, manage and control!

Better yet…you can have your website up and running within the next 24-48 hours! 

Once you sign up for hosting make sure you complete this Free Blog Setup Form

3. How do I Get Started?

Just click the link below and we will show you how to sign up for your hosting, pick your graphic design and install your site.

If you sign up today, we’re also going to provide you with a Free Copy of the $34.95 book from Internet Expert, James Martell, Online Success for Non-Techies, which will teach you all you need to know to build a traffic generating website and to help you start making money online as soon as possible.

Here is all you need to do to get started:

 Once you sign up for hosting make sure you complete this Free Blog Setup Form

Get a Free Domain ($15 value) by paying for the entire year up front ($47.40) – translates to $3.95 per month.

Click Here to Get Started for $3.95 per month with a free domain name.