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Hi, everyone.  Welcome to BuildMySiteForFree.com.  And today’s tutorial is going to be about BuildMySiteForFree.com. 

Now what is Build My Site For Free?  Well, it’s a website where you can find WordPress tips, tools, and all the information you need to start, maintain, and then of course, grow your WordPress blog or website.  

Build My Site For Free can also help you set up your blog or website for free.  So first, if you’re on our BuildMySiteForFree.com homepage, you can watch a short tutorial on how your free setup will get started.  

You can even come over here to the services toolbar and scroll down to where it says, “Free WordPress blog setup.”  This will bring you to a page that can answer all of your questions on how Build My Site For Free get started with your WordPress setup.  Finally, if you like what you see and you want to get started, just click “Get Started” and one of our experts will set up your blog or website for you for free. Any time you have any questions, you can either click “Questions” right here, or you can come to “Services” where it says “Customer Service” to get any questions you need answered.  

What’s really great about WordPress is it also has free themes for you.  So here, you can come and search tons of free WordPress themes to download and install on your blog.  If you don’t like what you see here, you can also purchase some themes as well in our premium WordPress themes directory on Build My Site For Free.  

Another great thing WordPress has is free plugins.  So here, you can search through tons of free plugins as well to also search and investigate and then download and install on your blog.  And everything is listed in alphabetical order.  

Another really great thing that WordPress has is under WordPress class, there are tons of WordPress tips, tricks, and tools, search engine tips, website builder information, and WordPress how-to videos where you can click on and watch tons of how-to tutorial videos in every aspect of WordPress.  

So I definitely suggest coming to BuildMySiteForFree.com because not only can you get your free WordPress blog setup and tons of themes and plugins for free, but any questions you have about WordPress can get answered here.  

So thank you for watching, and please stay tuned for all of our tutorial videos on BuildMySiteForFree.com.

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About the Author

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson has been on the Internet since the its dawn(ie his first computer program was recorded on cassette tape) and his first hard drive cost about as much his current MacBook. His first byline was in 1993 for a local newspaper rag he eventually helmed, and his last “real job” was at a computer start up which ended when it ended. Throughout it all he’s freelanced and blogged. Now he is mesmerized by Search Engine Optimization forever trying to “rise to the top” for the right reasons. He’s been married to his wife Julia for as long as he can remember and has two lovely, wonderful children. He looks forward to sharing the latest in the technical best for all the online entrepreneurs.