What Cheap Ecommerce Hosting Can I Use with WordPress?

When using WordPress, there are many options available for cheap ecommerce hosting, but the best is hands down Blue Host.

There are a number of reasons why Blue Host is the best cheap hosting ecommerce site, but perhaps the most important one has to do with simplicity.

Using Blue Host with WordPress requires one to two click installation and you’re done. It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it? Of course, keeping things simple is convenient, but that isn’t enough to warrant Blue Host being the best fit for WordPress.

Go With The Flow

If you visit WordPress’s web hosting page, Blue Host is one that is listed there, so it is recommended by the WordPress organization itself. Members of WordPress are a demanding group of people and when they recommend a service, then it tends to carry a lot of weight.

One of the best methods for determining the most ideal setup is word of mouth and this relationship between Blue Host and WordPress has been positively reviewed countless times throughout the Internet. When researching ecommerce hosting that is cheap, you’re certain to find detractors, but they should be taken in context, just as any company will have those who either don’t understand it or have a vested interest in belittling it.

Versions That Work

Blue Host uses the most current versions of PHP and MySQL and this allows it to run, without problem, the most recent versions of WordPress. Ideally, these will also have no problem running the next version of WordPress when it is released.

Is it important to know what PHP or MySQL means? Not really, except to realize that much of WordPress’s structure is based on these programming languages. Since Blue Host anticipates the future versions of WordPress, you’ll be assured that your site will function properly well into the future.


Blue Host takes pride in its ability to protect its customers and, more importantly, their customers and clients. In this day and age of identity theft, security of transactions makes a significant difference. Cheap hosting ecommerce sites can tend to receive a less-than-ideal reputation based on security, but Blue Host is considered one of the best and most secure sites for conduction transactions online.

Using the latest in data encryption services as well as certifications, Blue Host is ideal for hosting your WordPress business site.


When it comes to hosting a website for any small business, cost is certainly going to be a factor, no matter what budget you have. Blue Host is a low cost option for cheap ecommerce hosting, with packages starting at $6.95 a month.

When you investigate the competition in this market, you’ll soon realize that setting up an ecommerce site with WordPress couldn’t be cheaper or easier than with Blue Host. Business matters and your website through WordPress deserves the best. Blue Host is the best solution.

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