What are Widgets and How do You Install Them

Hi everyone, welcome to BuildMySiteForFree.com. Today we have another video about widgets. So what are widgets and how do we install them? Well, for those of you that don’t know widgets are very similar to plugins and they may even be uploaded like plugins and they’re usually located in your sidebar. Now what it is is an application that basically enables you to perform a specific function or access a service and there are plenty of widgets to choose from depending on what you actually want to appear on your side bar of your blog. So to get to the widgets page on your WordPress Dashboard you want to scroll down to where it says ‘Appearance’ and then you’re gonna scroll down to the second link where it says widgets very simple and it brings you to your widgets page. So here are all widgets that we can currently use and basically we install them just by clicking it and then dragging and dropping it to our widget areas and we have a few widget areas.

We have the the primary widget area which is usually always in the sidebar and then we have the secondary widget area first footer, second footer, third footer and fourth footer. So these are all different locations of where we can put the widgets that we choose.

So, I’m just gonna take this one out ‘cause I actually don’t want the archives on my blog and currently I have the categories and calendar in the widget area of my blog.

So if I go to my blog you will notice here in the sidebar are the two widgets: the categories I have for all my posts, and a calendar. But I want to add a few more because I think it’s a nice feature to add to your  blog. So you could scroll down everything is in alphabetical order and you can choose what you want. So I’m going to scroll over and put my pages up here because now  they can just click on the different pages I have. And if you notice each time you drag and drop a widget to you’re, the area you’re putting it in, there’ll be different options for them. So for this
one you can actually type in a title, you can sort them by, uh, page order, page ID or page title, and you can also have it  exclude certain features. So for this one you have the calendar, give you the option just to add a title, or categories, you have the option to add a title but then choose a few items from the check box. So each of them are going to be different and you can change them according to what you prefer. And what I also want to do is, I want to since I have already uploaded the plugin max banner ads, I wanted to take this and put it in my sidebar widget. So now I can actually choose different ads to put in the sidebar widget as well, and I can even choose how I want them aligned and how I want them customized . And let’s see, let’s put one more and let’s put a search box in, because now people can actually search for posts and
pages on my blog.  And I’ll just make this “Search Box.” You could have whatever you want and I’ll just click save.

So now currently we have ‘Categories,’’Calendar,’’’Pages,’ the Max banner ad sidebar widget and a search box in my Primary Widget Area. And just to show you the other widget areas, let’s  just take the ‘First  Footer Widget Area’ we’ll open this up and let’s bring the search box to this one so we’ll see how they both look. So now this is where our widgets are how you can find them in, and this is how you install them by dragging and dropping them into your widget areas. And that’s basically all there is to it.

So now that we have situated where we want these specific widgets: four in our Primary Widget Area and one in our First Footer Widget Area. I’m going to come back to my blog. I’m just going to refresh it. You don’t, there is no save button, it automatically saves it for you. This is just taking a second. But now if you notice on our primary widget area, the sidebar, we have our categories and calendar like we already did. We have all the current pages to my blog which you can also find right up here. We’re going to scroll down a little bit further and you’ll notice in our footer widget bar we have the ‘Search Box.’ And these are all the widgets we just added in the first footer bar and the sidebar in the Primary Widget Area. And it’s just a really cool function. The reason the Max banner hasn’t came up is I haven’t added one to that plugin yet, but once I do it would be situated right here where I’m circling with my mouse.

And this video’s been about widgets and how you install them. You can check out more videos on how to use the RSS widget and the text widget and thank you for watching. Please visit Buildmysiteforfree.com for more information.

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