What are the 10 Most Popular Adsense Plug ins?

Effective use of Adsense plug ins can mean the difference between generating just a few dollars a month and earning a decent income from your WordPress website.  In just a matter of weeks, if you use these plug ins effectively you can double, triple or even quadruple your earnings with hardly any effort at all.  They don’t focus on generating more traffic for your site.  Instead they make the best use of the traffic you already have and improve your click through rate, which in turn boosts your Adsense revenue.

Here are 10 of the most popular Adsense plug ins, all available on our plug ins resource page, that can help you dramatically improve your WordPress website earnings:

  1. WP-Insert: this plug in is great for Adsense novices as well as those with a lot of experience.  It’s really easy to use and not only helps you generate advertising revenue, it also helps to increase traffic and generally run your WordPress website effectively by managing feeds, providing analytics, blog editing and theme editing.  You can place ads wherever you choose on your site – above, below, in the middle, left or right of content, with further options to show or hide ads on particular pages.  You’re also equipped with 10 ad widgets and the option to style your ads for better click through rates.
  2. Easy Adsense:  this plug-in makes generating Adsense income from a WordPress site extremely easy.  It manages every aspect of using Google advertising units, as well as giving you the power to control positioning and display on each page and post.  Available in multiple languages, if you’re new to monetization of your WordPress blog, this is highly recommended.
  3. Advertising Manager: a no-nonsense, user friendly plug in that manages Adsense ads and their rotation.  It’s also compatible with many of the other advertising revenue generators.  Code is inserted automatically and you can position your ads easily using widgets.  Also it limits your ad display to comply with network terms and conditions.  This is the update of the previous plug in named Adsense Manager.
  4. Adsense Beautifier:  one thing that bloggers really worry about is that their regular readers will become irritated by large Adsense units.  Also, let’s face it, Adsense units are not the most attractive and some are pretty dull and boring.  Using this plug in allows you to place images beside your ads.  This not only makes them look more beautiful and acceptable to your readers, but can also increase your clicks and therefore your earnings.
  5. Adsense Now! This is one of the simplest Adsense plug ins you can use with your WordPress site. It helps you generate income with one key function, to put Adsense units in up to three places on all your posts and pages.  All you have to do is cut and paste, it’s so simple!
  6. Adsense Under Image:  if you have a lot of images on your WordPress website then this is the plug in for you.  It inserts Adsense code under every image and if there are no images it doesn’t insert any code.
  7. Adsense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System: this plug in is great for websites with multiple authors.  You can share your Adsense impressions with your co-authors, meaning you both earn from the articles.  This plug also allows you to view your Adsense earnings, a great motivator to create more content!
  8. Google Adsense for Feeds:  make the most of your feeds using this plug in.  It inserts Adsense units into your RSS feeds, which is ideal if you have a high feed subscription rate and create a lot of publicity for your site through feeds.
  9. Context Ad Wrapper: a really great plug in to target your ads at the correct market, therefore increasing your click through rate.  It helps to reduce the endless advertising space irrelevant to your readers, by marking the key parts of a blog and identifying the ad that best matches the post and the comments.
  10. Google Ad Wrap: another plug in that allows you to better target your ads, by wrapping posts and comments inside Section Targeting tags.  This also gives the Google spider a better idea of what’s important on your page and can help improve your search engine ranking.
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