Simple Ways To Building A Niche Website Empire

Many today are looking for ways to build a second or primary income. Building websites that earn money for you without much ongoing effort is a great strategy. Matt provides a great overview of how to get started and what to focus on. Definately a must read for budding online entrepreneurs. 


If you are just starting out with Internet Marketing, there are tons of different ways of generating an online income. The problem most marketers have when first starting out is they try everything all at once for example PPC, PPV, and SEO. 

There is no problem with running all those different types of advertising but it is way too hard! To be focused on all of those traffic sources can be very overwhelming and I know it because I started out that way. I tried to make everything work but it never did. It was way too much on my plate. I would never be successful working on all of those traffic sources. 

So about 2 and a half years ago I said enough is enough. I need to focus on one method of traffic generation and focus strictly on the traffic I am generating to my websites. So I picked SEO as my main focus of advertising and it still is not easy focusing on one topic versus trying to run PPC or PPV or various other traffic sources. You need to pick a traffic source and develop a system or blueprint that you can follow each and every day. 

Once I started to grasp all the basics of SEO I started ranking websites very well and efficiently. I had developed my own system to ranking my websites. Things like learning to optimize Meta tags and Meta descriptions is pretty basic stuff once you know what you’re doing. If I were still working on all the traffic sources I would have never learned what I have come to learn today. 

Backlinking was another piece of the SEO puzzle that I had grasped as well. I started learning that relevant backlinks where a major part of my online success. I am always seeing people add so much spam and crap to their website and I was always wondering why. I am always trying to build things for the long term instead of using any trickery that Google may catch onto. I wanted to build a business that would last for years to come, not just a couple months. 

Relevant backlinks give my websites a huge boost in rankings. Creating relevant backlinks makes Google reward me. I was ahead of the game. I was building a lot of quality backlinks that competitors didn’t have. I was beating my competitors by building better backlinks. 

Some of the best places to get these links are blogs, forums, and Squidoo lenses. When building backlinks the highest authority backlink in Google’s eyes is an in content link. A backlink that is in the content of the page on the top fold. So when a searcher is reading the article they click your link which in turn gives you traffic and better ranking because Google thinks your website is something the searcher liked. So in return better rankings for you! 

It is also always important to be diverse as well. You want to make sure when you build relevant backlinks that you are building all different kinds of links. You do not want to just have all blog comment backlinks because it doesn’t look natural. You want to stay under the radar by diversifying all of your backlinks. It is very important to do so that Google doesn’t think you are trying to game there system. 

Once you fully optimize a website and build diversified backlinks to it how do I rank?! Well it takes time. You cannot build an online business over night. You need to build yourself up and keep growing. For example you cannot build 100 backlinks in 1 night. It will not look natural to the search engines. You cannot build links that are made industrial. For example you should build maybe 10 backlinks a day. You could build 15 backlinks a day. You always want to stay natural and under the radar. This will ensure that you keep things fresh for the search engines. 

Once you start gaining momentum and ranking and you are hitting 50 visitors or more a day then it is time to add some affiliate offers or AdSense to monetize your website so we can start making money!

 It is important that you do not add affiliate links to your website until you get 50+ visitors a day because it can be distracting. Checking stats all of the time is a huge time waster. You could be growing your online business bigger instead. So it is very important that you focus on traffic generation first. Chances are if you get less than 50 visitors a day you are not missing out on much money. 

If you have no traffic you will have no money. That is why it is so important to focus on traffic generation first and foremost. You want to make sure you are adding value to your niche. Write good content that is unique and informational. You don’t want to give your readers a 100 word crappy article or your visitors will not like your website and most likely will never come back. You want to add value! 


Matt Green

Matt Green has been a full time internet marketers for 2 and a half years building 100’s of niche websites and working with local businesses and there online presence. 

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