SEO Tip #84: Does Webmaster Tools Have an API?

Matt Cutts: Good news, we’ve always had the ability to, for example with backlinks, to download things in a CSV form. In fact many different features within Google Webmaster Tools provide the ability to download things and comma separate a value, or CSV file, or various text files and things like that.

However, we also have an API. If you search for Google Webmaster Tools and then GData, as in Google Data, except just GData; GData is the way we typically refer to a lot of our APIs because that’s the protocol that we use.

So in fact the page that you end up on, the number one search result – at least on Google – says that your client application can use the Google Webmaster Tools data API to view a list of sites in your account, add and remove sites, verify site ownership, modify site listings, retrieve a list of the keywords Google has found on your site – yay! – submit and delete sitemaps, manage messages sent to your account via the message center and retrieve a list of issues Google discovered while crawling your site.

So that may not be 100% coverage, but that’s a pretty large amount of stuff. Again, just do a search for Google Webmaster Tools GData. That’s what I did and I’m sure you can also search for Google Webmaster Tools API or something like that. And there’s actually quite a bit of very useful stuff that you can do via the API.

Have some fun tinkering. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

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