SEO Tip #44: What if a search for my business triggers “Did you mean?”

Matt Cutts: Not that I know of, at least not right now.

There’s nothing where we have a form that you can fill out and say, “This is bad.” You could try finding our various help or Web forums and report it in there. But the hope is that over time we learn that sort of thing automatically.

So we have data pushes of content and then we try to iterate and improve. So I don’t have a good answer in terms of, “here’s a simple form you can fill out” but hopefully over time Google learns that this suggestion is not as helpful or this is a real business.

Anything you can do to build the reputation of your business so it’s more well-known so that you have a lot of links pointing to you, you’re more easily found on the web. Those are all signals that we could say, “This is a really valid query so it’s not something that we need to show a spelling suggestion for.”

But there’s no special form that you can go and fill out or anything as far as I know.

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