SEO Tip #34: Will domain registration changes ding me in Google?

Matt Cutts: My answer is no, probably not.

Certainly people need to change their information. Sometimes they change registrars. That’s completely normal. That’s completely expected behavior. The only times that we try to really keep an eye on that is if we think someone as a spammer might be trying to buy someone’s domain only for the links or buying an expired domain or something like that.

But there’s plenty of times when you’re switching to a new address, you’re switching to a new phone number where it does make complete sense that all that information does need to change. So we try to be very smart about it and you should never see any differences if you’re just a regular person.

The hope is if you’re trying to do something sneaky or spammy, then we might pay a little bit of a closer eye. But in the typical case I really wouldn’t worry about it.

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