SEO Tip #22: Can I publish 100+ pages at once?

Matt Cutts: I think in most cases, especially if it’s high quality content, I would just unleash the hundred pages.

Now if you were talking about 10 thousand or a hundred thousand or a million pages you might be a little more cautious. It’s not that that would cause any sort of automatic penalty, but if we see a site that was nothing the other day and suddenly there’s four million pages in our index that might be the sort of thing where someone might come and take a look at that site and just say, “Ok, is this a legitimate content or is this nothing but auto-generated junk,” you know that sort of thing. Or there’s no value added to this content.

So, a hundred pages I wouldn’t really worry about. I would make sure that it is high-quality content. A lot of the times when you’re creating content organically, you’ll end up with a page at a time, and I’d just say go ahead and publish it when you have that new page. You don’t necessarily have to wait until you have a lot of different content and batch it up and release it.

It’s totally fine to release it a page at a time. But you know, especially for small scale stuff and especially if it’s high quality content, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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