SEO Tip #19: Should I use nofollow in links to my disclaimer and privacy policy?

Matt Cutts: The reason I would use NOFOLLOW is if you truly don’t want a page indexed at all.

Take a log-in page for example, Googlebot doesn’t know how to log in and that’s not of any value for users to have. I can imagine that a disclaimer or a privacy statement could be kind of useful.

So you can put those links on. It’s not like it’s going to cause you a spam penalty, but truthfully I would tend to worry more about having enough good links because you have enough great content that you tend to get a lot of people linking to you and you tend to get a lot of good coverage in Google’s Index.

It’s a second order effect at best. I really wouldn’t spend a lot of time saying, “I’m going to NOFOLLOW all my links to my stuff that I don’t care about.” Typically you’d do better by maybe linking or not linking to stuff.

You might link to a privacy policy once, but you don’t have to link it on every page of your site or something like that. But really I would only use it for the pages that you really don’t want to be in Google at all.

Don’t worry so much about sculpting. That tends to take a lot more time and not really be as big a bang for your buck compared to just putting your efforts in on making great content that will attract links.

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