SEO Tip #14: How can I optimize my site on a small budget?

Matt Cutts: Well, I’ll give you the same answer, regardless if it’s real estate or any other industry. I think there are a couple things to bear in mind.

Start with a small niche. Don’t just say, “Ok I’m going to rank number 1 for blank real estate” or whatever your trophy phrase. It’s probably better to concentrate on individual neighborhoods or individual markets.

Maybe going for the consumer market is a little bit of a big thing to grasp at once. So maybe you want to go for a small sliver of the market, you know, a niche that you can be well known for and then build your way outward.

So, build your reputation up and build your rankings up as you become more well known. The other factor is to be creative, right? If you have the same brochure on your site as everyone else in the industry, there is no reason for someone to link to your or even remember you.

But if you have some compelling thing about your website, that can be a blog with a distinct voice, it can be that you make really amusing videos, it can be that you come up with fantastic advice, look for some unique angle.

So, start with a unique niche and try to be creative in how you tackle it. That can probably help you out quite a bit compared to a bunch of different competitors in your industry.

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