SEO Tip #135: Will Google Give A Higher Rank to A Website Which Runs AdSense?

Matt Cutts: Good question. The answer is Google does not, NOT, repeat not, give a higher ranking to websites which run AdSense. They are completely independent. It’s not the case that if you run AdSense you get any kind of boost in ranking or anything like that. So it’s definitely not the case that you get some boost because you run AdSense.

Your second question was, “Isn’t this Google trying to maximize its profit?” There has been a lot of times where Google has basically said yeah we could make money by selling some banner ad on our homepage but rather than annoy our users let’s try to figure out a way to get long-term loyalty from our users. The best way to do that is to protect them, help them and generate the kind of search results they are going to be happy to come for the next time around.

So there is definitely nothing in our search rankings where you will rank higher because you run AdSense. We try to take the long-term view and that would be a very short term amount of thinking to do so don’t worry about that within the search results.

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