SEO Tip #114: How Do We Report A Problem With Our Search Results Listings?

Matt Cutts: Let me give you the general answer, which might seem a little unsatisfactory but is the correct answer is to go the forum mentioned at Linked to called If you have something that is really visible like that where you can take a picture and say, “Hey this is being treated as if it’s a video result and it’s a regular webpage” and you can click through to verify that that’s the sort of thing that people tend to notice pretty quickly.

Whether it’s a super user who is very helpfully posting there or whether it’s someone like John Muller who often keeps an eye on that forum, you know those people will tend to escalate those. So I don’t have the exact place to where I would forward that and you didn’t mention the exact name of your site so there is nothing concrete that I can do just from that question but that’s a perfect example of something that is visually really off where people can go and leave a question in the webmaster forum.

I know of at least one person who had reported that Google did not have a title for some snippets for example and it turns out that it was actually an ad block extension that they had installed which was doing unpredictable stuff to their results. But normally if you post to the webmaster forum there people can help you identify what’s going on or they will give you a little bit more coaching like, “Oh this is interesting” and that can escalated a little more quickly.

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