SEO Tip #101: Does Google Recognize The Difference Between Different Meanings of A Word In A Query?

Matt Cutts: We relatively do a good job about that. If you only do the query “boxer” then we really don’t have any idea which one you mean for that particular query.

But suppose you take “Sterling Silver” vs. “Stirling Engine” and you misspell both of those with ‘sturling’ we’ll correct ‘sturling engine’ with an ‘i’ and ‘sturling silver’ with an ‘e’.

So we do look at context of queries to try and figure out if somebody is talking about GM are they talking about GM the car manufacturer or are they talking about GM the genetically modified food and that sort of thing.

So Google tries to do a good job about that but ambiguity is tough even for human beings sometimes. I wouldn’t claim they were perfect but we do a relatively reasonable job about that and we’ll keep working to try and do better. Thanks for the question.

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