SEO Tip #10: Will Adding My Twitter Feed to My Website Increase my PageRank?

Matt Cutts: The answer to the first two questions is no. Just adding more content doesn’t get you anymore links. Duplicating your Twitter page on your website doesn’t earn you any more juice.  Now that’s not to say that it can’t be a useful addition to your website. Adding more content can attract links but it doesn’t automatically attract links. Adding more content doesn’t automatically affect your PageRank.

Remember, PageRank is based on who links to you and how reputable those people are. So if you post something on Twitter that people enjoyed – for example, a while ago I said, “When you have five minutes to spare Twitter is a great way to fill 35 minutes.” People liked that. They re-Tweeted it.

So that might be something that would be worth adding on my website. But I wouldn’t put every single thing that’s on your Tweet feed on your website because you’ll probably either bore people to tears and they’ll leave, or people will see, “well what’s the difference between the blog and the website? I don’t really see any difference.”

Think about the sort of stuff that you do on Twitter. Sometimes you’re sharing links. That could be especially cool on a website or blog. Sometimes you’re dropping little mind bombs or thought bombs, just fun things. That might or might not translate to your website. And sometimes you’re conversing with people, just talking back and forth. That tends not to translate to a website all that well.

So rather than just putting an autofeed where everything on Twitter automatically shows up on your website, which you can do and won’t hurt you unless your readers get bored or decide to leave. What I would do instead is think about, “What  were the things in the last week that I tweeted that were either really cool or people re-Tweeted a lot, or that people really enjoyed.” And I’d sort of think about taking the highlights and maybe putting those on your website.

If you just put the raw feed that’s not always going to be as completely interesting. I don’t think it will hurt; maybe it might make a good piece of sidebar content, but just that by itself won’t increase your PageRank unless people see it, like it, and decide to link to you. That’s the sort of thing that can affect your PageRank.?

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