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Hi, and welcome to In this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to view and manage your comments. Now there are two places you can get to your comment page. You can come over here to the navigation menu and click “Comments.” Or you can come over to the “Right Now” section of the Dashboard and click comments here as well.


So once you get to your Comments page, you will see all of your comments listed in this section. I only have two here, and the first thing I’m going to do is explain a little bit about what everything on this page means. So first, up here, we have the amount of comments you have that are pending, how many you already have that are approved, how many are spam, and how many are trash. So those numbers will vary depending on how many you’ve approved or put in the spam or trash box.


Underneath, we have the dropdown menu where you can choose whether you want to unapproved, approve, mark as spam, or move to trash as well. There are two areas where you can do this, and I’ll show you the next one in a few minutes. And once you have chosen that, you would click “Apply,” and it would apply that specific action.


Then here, you can choose what comments you want shown, whether it’s comments or pings, and it’s just a way to filter out the comment set that you’re viewing. Underneath, here is where will be the author of the comment that was left for you. Right here is going to be the comment with the date and time it was left, and over here, all the way to the right, it’s going to show you the post that that comment was left on.


So now once you are ready to view your comment, you scroll over the specific comment that was left, and you will see a few little options here on the bottom in different colors. The first one you choose when you want to approve a comment. Now depending on how you have chosen your management comments settings, lots of times, you’ll have to approve comments before they’re actually published to your blog.


So here, they’re held in moderation, and once you actually click “Approve,” it will then appear on your blog for all the rest of the viewers to see. If you want to reply to this specific comment here, you would click this, and a text box will open up right here, where you can give them a reply. You can also do a quick edit and quickly edit their post. Some people just like to do this if they want to do a spell check or just tidy stuff up on their blog.


Then you can also edit it by opening up a brand-new page where you can edit the comment. And then you can either mark it as spam or put it into the trash box. So these are a few options right here of how to manage your comments. Lastly, you have the option to search comments up here. So for people who have a ton of comments left on their blog every day and they want to find a specific one, they can type that in right here.


And that is how you view and manage your comments. Please stay tuned for more videos that we have coming up on comments. Thank you.


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