How to Use the One Click Plugin Upgrader on WordPress

Hi, everyone! Welcome to In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to discover and then use the one click plugin upgrader. Now, it’s very important to always make sure that you have the most updated versions of all the plugins that you have installed on your blog, however, it’s going to be very hard to keep up with this sometimes because you
may not visit your blog every day. You also may not always know when an updated version is available, but once you have installed the one click plugin upgrader, you will be notified every single time there is an upgrade for a plugin.

So, first, I’m going to show you how to install this. What you want to do is come down to your plugins page, and scroll down to where it says add new on the navigation menu. This will bring you to the install plugins page, and what you want to do is you could search for this through the WordPress plugin directory or you could do it right from here. Type in “one click plugin upgrader”. Then hit search plugins. This will bring you to the page where you can actually install this. I’ve already installed this to my computer already. That’s why it says installed, but I wanted to bring you through the process. Once you actually click this, it will just ask you to install and activate the file. You will finally have it on your computer.

Now, what’s great about this is since I don’t have any updated plugins available, unfortunately, I will show you where to find when you have an update. There are three places. One, up here where my cursor is under the dashboard where it says updates. If you ever have a plugin update
available, you will see a red circle with a white number in it. That number will display how many plugins you have available for update. The red means that it’s for a plugin. You may also notice that you will have a plugin update under plugins right here as well. It will be a gray circle with a number in it as well. That number will also mean how many you have available for update. Or, you can also come to your plugins page with all your installed plugins, and if you have an actual update for a plugin, it will appear next to that plugin name with a link to bring you to the site where you can download that updated version.

So, there’s three places where you can find it. It’s very hard to forget. You will always know when a plugin update is available, and it’s great to just keep your plugins updated, clean and safe for your computer. One last thing, you can also under your plugins, since you have already installed – you’re using one click plugin upgrader, you want to scroll down to update settings. This will bring you to your upgrade settings
page where you can actually choose different options for this plugin, how often you want it to search for a different plugin update or a WordPress version update, and different things that have to do with Firefox extension as well as if you want certain things displayed on the dashboard regarding your one click plugin upgrade.

So, this is the page that you want to come to upgrade any settings. By default, they are usually already set. You usually probably won’t have to come to this unless you are looking for something specific.

This is how you install and use the one click plugin upgrade. Thank you for watching.


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