How to Set Your General Options in WordPress

Hi, and welcome to In this tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to change and use your general settings. So we’re here on the dashboard like usual and the first thing we want to do is on our navigation menu come down to our settings link and when we open up the set menu you want to click: “general”. And it’s going to bring you to your general settings page and the first thing you want to do is you want to type in your site title. So, this is the title of your blog site, so mine is “” so that is what I’m typing right here.

The next is your tag line and this is optional it’s just a little phrase you can explain about your site, it can be a motto, a slogan, something about yourself, and that is what you type in here. And the next two is you’re going to type in the URL addresses that you signed up with WordPress and for your Site address, and in many cases it will be the same address.

Then you want to type in your email address and if you’re the administrator of your blog this is where you’ll type in the address that your notifications about new users will be sent to.

Then if you want anyoneto be able to register your blog you’ll go ahead and check this and if you don’t of course, you uncheck it. And then

The next option is you choose the new user Default Role. So if you have new users on your blog you’ll choose the role that you want them to have, so in most cases you might want them to be a subscriber, which is what I’m keeping. But you can choose to have them choose the Administrator Role, Editor Role, Author, Contributor. So you choose what you want here accordingly.

The next few options are just how to change and adjust your time and date settings. So right here for time zone here’s where you’re going to choose your UTC time  from the menu, And this is where it gets a little confusing but basically the time here refers to the number of hours that
your local time differs from coordinated universal time. So what this setting does it basically ensures that all of your posts and all of your comments on your blog are time-stamped at the correct time. So if you’re in a different city or a different country your blogs will still be posted to the time of the city that you live in.

Next you can just choose how you want your date to be formatted on your blog. If you want the year to be first, the month to be first, the date to be first and .

The same thing for the time. You can choose how that appears on your blog as well and.

Lastly you choose the day of the week that your calendar starts on and of course, you have all the days of the week on your drop down menu. And you can also have your calendar to appear on the side bar of your blog but that is optional as well,

Once you’re completely done you want to go ahead and save your changes this is how you change your general settings for your blog. Thank you for watching.

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