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Hi guys, welcome to Today’s tutorial  is about how to install and use the plugin called WordPress Stats. And what this plugin does is it provides statistics about your visitors. And what I really like about it is that it actually focuses on what the most popular statistics that a blogger is going to want to track. So for instance  it will show us how many
of our pages have been viewed, what our most popular pages and posts are. Where all the traffic is coming from. What uh, search engine key words people typed in to get to our blog uh. What people click on after they leave. And it provides you all of this on one single page in  a very clear and a very clear and self-explanatory manner, so it’s really just a great great plugin to have.

And What you want to do first is install it, of course, so you wanna come down your navigation menu, open up the plugins link and click ‘AddNew.’ This will bring you  to the installed plugins page where you then want to type in ‘wordpress stats’ and them Search the Plugin.

Now it doesn’t appearas the first one because there’s actually a lot of statistic plugins regarding themes and widgets so you want to scroll down a bit. And it should be about I things your eighth or ninth one. And here it is ‘ Stats.’ I’ve already installed it but since you most likely haven’t and it will say ‘Install Now’ in blue like all of these do. And you would click that link and once installed it will just tell you to activate this plugin, and that’s all you do.

One thing I will mention though is you do need an API Keynoter for this plugin to work. So after you’ve activated it a red box will come in at the top of your page like right here, whatever page you’re on, and it will just tell you that you need to insert an API Key. Once you do that you’re ready to use this plugin.

So now, what I want to do is show you some of the options you can set before you use it and by doing that you want to come back to your plugins link on the navigation menu and scroll down to where it will say Stats.

This will bring you to a settings page. And the very first option you have is if you want to put a chart in your administration bar filling the last  forty-eight hours of use, you would check off this box. It does require WordPress 3.1 and it will show you that.

And what I mean by this is if I come over to my blog right now; Here I have the administration bar at the top and if you notice this very last link it looks like a dotted, big dotted “L,”  This is the chart. And what it does is that now you can see in the yellow box it used to statisics over forty-eight hours. And this chart will be right here for me and if I click on it will bring me to the site’ s  stats page that I will show you in just about a minute.

Now if we come back to our statistics general options page, we have our second option is if we check off this box, the page views of the registered users who logged in. So if you’re a registered user it’s going to count how many pages they view. Then we have short links, so if you want to publish ‘ shortlinks as metadata’ which is a free service from WordPress you check off this box. And then, finally, you can choose which roles  on your blog you want to be able to view statistics reports. So for example, if you have a blog that has multiple authors , some of them may be contributors, or editors ,or authors you can choose which one of those roles you want to be able to view these reports, and which ones you don’t want to be able to view And then finally, what you want to do, like always, is save your options. Now, what you’ve all been waiting for is our actual site statistics page. And you can get this by just being on your dashboard. So if you see up here o]in the left hand corner dashboard, it will come up right there as ‘Site Stats.’

You click on it and it brings us to our statistics page. And I just installed it so there’s not too much information on here but the  longer but the longer you have it and the longer people are searching your blog all the numbers will increase. So here we have a chart and it shows us all the
views we get over days, weeks and months.

Then we have the good stuff. Here we have, uhm, it will give us a list of the links that people click to get to our blog. Then over here we have the most popular posts and pages so it will tell us how many posts or pages get the most traffic and actually how many views were for each page or post.

Then, which I really like, is we have ‘Search Engine Terms.’ So here they will provide a list of the terms that people use to find your blog. So someone, for instance, types in “” and actually clicks the link and comes to our blog, it will appear right here as one of our
search engine terms. And it will tell us how many times that was used.

And then finally over here, it will show you, it will give you a list of links that visitors clicked on your blog.  And at the bottom it just kind of gives an overall summary of how many views you had on this particular day. What your busiest day was. And it’s just all right here for you, very
self-explanatory, easy to read, very clear and concise. And I personally think it’s a really, really great plugin to have. So you can just see what’s the most popular items on your blog and. What people are using to find your blog. And I think it’s all very interesting and I definately
recommend it. Please stay tuned for more videos and check out ‘’

Thank you for watching.

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