How to Put up Banner Ads on WordPress

Hi, everyone.  Welcome to  Today’s tutorial that I have for you is how to install and use the Max Banner Ads for your WordPress blog.

And banner ads are basically just another way to monetize your blog, just like Google Adsense.  And what is so great about Max Banner plugin is that it works with any theme, and it gives you the ability to add and rotate banners however you want without having to add in any code.

So all you have to do is install and download the plugin, and then it’s ready for use.  So to get to this, you can actually search for it in the plugins directory.  So what you’d have to do is come to, and after you click the plugins link, you want to scroll down to the Max Banner Ads plugin.

And you would download it from here after a one-time free registration, and then what you’d want to do is come back to your Dashboard, and you would upload this plugin like you would do any other.

So after you saved it as a zip file to your computer, you would come over here in the Dashboard to “Add New.”  And after you come to the install Plugins page, what you’d want to do is click “Upload,” and then you upload the plugin from there.

But next, what we want to do is add a Max Banner and see how it looks on our blog.  So to get to this Max Banner Ad, what you want to do is come to Settings on your navigation menu and…  No, I’m sorry, Tools on your navigation menu, and since it’s now activated on your blog, you would just scroll down to the Max Banner Ads link.

So you go to Tools, then Max Banner Ads, and this will bring you to the settings page.  So what you’re basically looking at here is there are different zones where you can put a banner ad.  So we have the sidebar widget.  You could put an ad within a post; you could put it at the top of your first post or the bottom of the last post.

And then here is where you would preview it, and then it shows you how many impressions and clicks that you got after it’s on your blog.  And you can also check the status of it, which means it’s activated.  And then you have several actions you could take.  And these are just your general actions as far as adding a new banner, deleting it, maybe changing it to a different zone on your blog.

So what I’m going to do now is show you how to add this.  So if you notice, in each section, there is a link in blue that says, “Add more banners.”  “Add more banners” here; there’s “Add Now,” “Add Now.”  So what you do is you click on that link, and here, you have two options…actually, three options.  You can type in the banner URL link.  So you would type in the image URL link of that banner.  You
can upload the banner from your computer, which you have to have saved it  though to your hard drive.  Or you can upload it from the URL link.

So what I’m going to do first is create a banner name.  This could be whatever you want, and it’s only visible to you.  So I have a banner that is all about wedding invitations.  Since I do a lot of do-it-yourself activities, I thought it would be a nice thing to add to my blog.  So I would just type in anything.  I’ll just type in “Wedding.”  It doesn’t matter what you type in, but you need something there, or else it won’t actually add into your blog.

And then what you want to do is you want to type in the image URL link. So I had already added it, but what I did was copied and pasted the
image URL link and you paste it into here. And then if you want a link to add to your picture, so whenever that banner is clicked, it will bring you to a certain link, you would insert that link right here.  And then if you want it to be opened in a new window, you would check this box.

And then lastly, you want to choose the zone that you want this banner to be in.  So like I said, you can have it at the bottom of your last post; you can have it in your sidebar widget; you could have it on the top of your first post zone or even within the post.

And then once you’re done, you want to save these options.  And there’s also some advanced options that you can click where you can just add an image tag and you can make a link as well.  I usually just leave that alone; I don’t really need it.

And now if I go to my blog page, you will now see that I have a Max Banner Ad inserted within my post because I chose it to be within my post, and it is the URL link of the image that I had inserted.

So this is how you use your Max Banner Ads.  You can add as many as you want.  It’s a great way, like I said, to monetize your blog.

And thank you for watching.  Please stay tuned for more videos.


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