How to Mark Comments as Spam

Hi everyone, welcome to  Today’s tutorial is about how to report a comment as spam and how to control and officially delete all of your spam mail.  Now as you could see we’re on our comment’s page, and what’s great is, you can’t see any spam on this.  And this isn’t because I mark to the spam, it’s because I have phenomenal plugging called Akismet, and what’s great about Akismet is that it filters all the spam for you.  And pretty much kills it.  So you never have to worry about it getting into your blog for all your viewers and readers to see, it will automatically be filtered into a spam folder.  So
first, as you could see we had used two comments right here, and if you have seen and our comment-management video, you will notice that you can un-approve  comments, so if I decide that after I already approve it and I don’t want it anymore, I can always come back and unapprove it.  We can also reply and edit comments but most of all we can mark the message spam and trash.

Once we have marked a comment as spam, your computer will always remember that that author was marked to spam, and most of the time that author will not be able to leave a comment on your blog and will go directly to spam.  And usually is not even a person is usually websites that have negative content that stream out all different comments on different blogs.  Now what you want to do is whenever this happens to click spam or trash, whether or not you want to mark it as spam or delete the comment.  Now if you want to see our spam folder, I will click spam right here and this will bring all the spam comment to your attention and this is a stuff that I do not want to my blog, if it is by chance
something that I do, once in a while something can get through that this it isn’t spam, all you have to do is click not spam and this will go back into your comments folder that I just showed you.

However, I want to get rid of everything on this page, so what I am going to do is your gonna  check the author button here that will mark every single one and you can even undo one if you realize it is not spam, and you can neither do two things, you can come down to the bulk actions dropdown menu and click delete permanently or you can do empty spam.  So I’m going to go ahead and click empty spam and now you’ll notice  it’s all been all deleted and you’re leaven a reminder right here that all comments have been permanently deleted.  And this is our video, from that how to report comments as spam.  Thank you.

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