How to Keep Your Media Files Organized

Hi, and welcome to In this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to keep all of your media files organized. Now your media files are any images, audio, or videos that you have uploaded to your blog, and WordPress has a special place where it stores all of these.

So there are two places you can get to from your Dashboard to view all of the media files you’ve ever uploaded, and the first thing you can do is come over to your Media link on your Dashboard. And you scroll down to where it says “Library.” And it’s going to bring you to the Media Library page. And as you can see here, you have all o the files, whether they are audio, video, or images that I have ever uploaded to my blog.

And there’s a lot of things, actually, that you could do on this page. For starters, you can actually add new media right from here by clicking this button. You can also, by scrolling on top of a specific file, you can choose to edit it. And if you click that, it will bring you to the Edit Media Page, which will look very familiar to you because it’s very similar to how you upload videos, audios, and images from your post.

And here, you could just type in the title, alternate text, caption, description, and so on. You can also even click “Edit Image,” and that will allow you to crop or scale your image to the size you want.

And then when you’re done here, you could either save your changes by updating the media right up here, or your second option right down here.

So that’s how you edit media from your Media Library page. You can also delete the file permanently, and you can review the file by clicking this and it will bring you to how it appears on your blog. You can also filter everything. So for instance, if you want to view only the files that you have uploaded in a certain month, you would open this up here. And now, I only have from June, but if I went back, say, all the way to February, I can choose to filter all the files by month. It’s a good way to keep it organized. Or if I’m looking for something specific that I knew that I uploaded in that month, I could do this by clicking “Filter.”

You can also search media right here in this text box. So say I have hundreds of files that I’ve uploaded and I cannot find the one that I’m looking for, I could just type in a keyword here. So just say I want to look for one of my beach files. I click “Search Media,” and it would bring me to a results page where, as you can see, all of the beach images that I have ever uploaded appear here, and I could do whatever I want with it from there.

The second way that you can view your media images and edit them or delete them is you’re on your Add New Post page or an Edit Post page. On your uploader icons, the fourth one, which is where you add media, you would click that. On the top of this box, you would click where it says “Media Library.” And here, you would see the same thing. You will see the list of all the files you’ve ever uploaded. You have the option here to filter, as well as to search right over here.

And if you go all the way to the right of each file and click “Show,” it will open up a little box right there on that screen where you could do the same thing. You could insert the information for that file; you can edit it. You can even scroll down, and you have the option here to align your image or choose the size. And then you can even go ahead and insert it into your post right from here.

So these are two ways that you can actually keep your media files organized and get to your Media Library.




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