How to Improve Your Blog Search Rankings

Hi, guys.  Welcome to  In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can improve your blog search rankings with WordPress.  And I think I speak for everyone when I say that when you have a website or a blog, it’s always nice to see your website or blog appear on the very first page of a search engine results page.

And this is possible, but what you want to do is optimize your website and/or your articles that you create for search engines.  So in this video, I  am going to bring you through four steps where you can install a few different plugins in order to boost your search engine rankings and try to get you on that first page of the results page.

So what you want to do first – the very first step – is use Keyword Density. So what you want to do is go to “Add New” on your navigation menu for the plugins, and when you get to the install plugins page, type in “Keyword Density Monitor” and search for this plugin.  And
this will bring you to results page, and what you want to do is install this very first Keyword Density Monitor plugin.

And keyword density’s very important, so after you’ve installed this plugin, what you want to do is put together natural sentences using the keyword phrase and try to scatter it five or six times within the text.

Also, this plugin allows you to check each post.  So this is the very first step you can get into boosting your search engine rankings.  The next step is to create a sitemap.  So if you go back to your Install Plugins page, what you want to do is type in “Google XML Sitemap.”  And once you search for this plugin, the results page, you want to scroll down to the very third one and install this plugin, Google XML Sitemaps.

And what this does is, by using this plugin, you create a sitemap, and it allows search engines to quickly go through all the content that you have on your website or blog and look for different keywords.  And by doing this, it improves your ranking as well.

The next important step is to make use of all your multimedia, and by this, I mean use videos, use audio, use images.  Make your blog exciting; make  your blog attractive for all of your visitors. So if you’re on your “Add New Post” page, most of you know what you could do is upload images, video, audio, and different media.  And this is a very good step into improving your search engine rankings.

What you can also do is you can come back to your Install Plugins page, type in SEO Friendly Images.  And once you come to the results page,
install this very first plugin that says, “SEO Friendly Images.”  It’s a good plugin because it automatically updates all the images you have with proper title attributes, and this increases traffic in the Google Image Search.

So this is another very good step into improving your engine rankings.  The very last step you can take is go back to your install plugins page.  There are four plugins you would like to install in this process, and you can type in, actually, several plugins here.  You can use Sociable, Shareaholic, Share This.  There are plenty of them.

And you type it in, and if you do use Sociable, which is a very great plugin, it should be, yes, the very first plugin that you want to install.  And
what this is, is you want to have a lot of links to your site because search engines rank you on this, so the more people that have you linked to their website or their blog, this will improve your search engine rankings.  So you can get a lot of this by using these free social media plugins, such as Sociable, Shareaholic, Share This.  You can find plenty of them.

And these are the four steps and plugins that you want to take in order to improve your blog search rankings, and I hope it works.  Thank you for watching.

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Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson has been on the Internet since the its dawn(ie his first computer program was recorded on cassette tape) and his first hard drive cost about as much his current MacBook. His first byline was in 1993 for a local newspaper rag he eventually helmed, and his last “real job” was at a computer start up which ended when it ended. Throughout it all he’s freelanced and blogged. Now he is mesmerized by Search Engine Optimization forever trying to “rise to the top” for the right reasons. He’s been married to his wife Julia for as long as he can remember and has two lovely, wonderful children. He looks forward to sharing the latest in the technical best for all the online entrepreneurs.