How to Get an API Key on WordPress

Hi, everyone.  Welcome to  In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to find your API key.  And the API key is what allows you to use services like Akismet and stats.  And in order to use Akismet, you
need to find and then type in your API key in order for it to work.

So to first find where you’re going to be plugging in your API key, you want to scroll down to where it says“Plugins” on your navigation menu, and you’re going to scroll down to where it says, “Akismet Configuration.”  And that will bring you to this page, and here’s where you’re going to enter your API key.

Mine is currently valid because I’ve already entered mine, but when you officially install Akismet or the stats page, this will be an orangey-yellow box. It will tell you that you need to type in your API key in order for everything to get started, and this is the text box in which you enter it.

But we need to find our API key first.  So what you can do is you come to, and I will show a link to it right down here.  And you would type in…  Log on. You would type in your username and password, and then right away, your username and API key will come up on this very same page.

Another way that you can find your API key is if you are using a web-hosted WordPress version, you could scroll down to where it says “Users” in your navigation menu.  You scroll down to where it says, “Personal Settings.”  This will bring you to the Personal Settings page, and then at the very top, you will see something that says, “You can get your API key direct from Akismet now.”

And what you do is you click on that link.  You’d get your API key.  You come back to your Akismet Configuration page, and you type in the key right here.

And that is how you find and use your API key.  Please stay tuned for more videos.

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