How to File Post in Categories in WordPress

Hi! Welcome to In this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to file posts into categories. Now, you may have seen our video on creating categories and subcategories, but this video is how to actually file the posts into them. It’s a really good way to keep your blog organized. You never have to recreate a category or subcategory. You will always have them listed to put different posts into them.

There are two ways that you can do this. The first way that I’m going to show you is from a add new post page which you can get to from our post submenu. It’s going to bring you to your add new post page. I’m not finished with this post, but I want to go ahead and categorize it. So, I’m going to scroll down just a little, and in the lower right hand corner, you will see all of your categories listed. And my post is pretty much something that has to do with home décor, so of course, I’m going to want to categorize it in our “Do It Yourself Home Décor” category.

And, just for instance say your post doesn’t apply to any category that you have listed. What you’re going to do is instead of going all the way back to your categories link, you can do it right from here. You open up the text box, type in the name of your new category, and then choose if you want it to be a parent category, or as you have seen in our other videos a main category, or if you want it to be a subcategory of one of these listed in our dropdown menu.

Now, once you’re done, you don’t have an option to save anything down here. Once you’ve published your post, it will then be saved into that category. Now, I’m not done with this post, but I’m going to go ahead and publish it just so I can show you how it looks. You publish it right here, and you can see how it is going to look on your blog.

You can see right above my post I’ve just written, it shows you what category it’s under. Here we have “Category Archives: DIY Home Décor”, and if you remember from our categories video, we wrote a description for it. Here will be the description if you do have one written for that post.

The second way that you can file a post into a category is from your post page. Here are all of the posts that you have already written and you want to edit. I’m going to go ahead and edit this post right here, the Restaurant Critique, and it will bring me to our edit post paste. Here you can see we have our blog. I’m going to scroll down once again, but this time I’m going to choose the Restaurants Critiques category. Once I’m done with that, I want to scroll back up and click update. If you don’t click update, the changes you just made won’t save. So, I click update, and it’s going to bring me to our post page where we now have the restaurant critique. As you can see it’s now categorized as “Category Archives: Restaurant Critiques”.

It’s even a good way to not only organize it for yourself, but to organize it for your viewers. So, if they’re only looking for a certain post, they can just click that category, and they will see the post that you’ve written.

The last thing that I do want to show you is if you come back to your post page with all of the posts that you have written, each one that you have categorized will show right here under categories. So, you can see which post is categorized into which.

This is how you file posts into categories. Thank you for watching.


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