How to Download and Upload Themes on WordPress

Hi, guys! Welcome to In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to find, download, and upload themes to your WordPress blog account. The first thing that you want to do to download and install these themes is to locate that theme that you want. So, what I’m going to do is show you how to do this using the website,
and when you get to this website, you want to come up here to the top where it says themes.

You’ll notice there are two links. The first ones are premium WordPress themes. These are the ones that cost money. The second option
are the free WordPress themes. You want to click on that if you’re searching for a free theme, which is what I’m going to do today. It brings you here which is the Free WordPress Themes page on Next, what you want to do is search for the theme that you are looking for. I’m going to scroll down and use this theme right here. What you do is click on the link, and it brings you to this page. We have the title of our theme, a short description of what our theme is – it’s very similar to the plugins layout. Over here this FYI, for your information box, tells you the version of this theme, the last date it was updated by its author, and this is actually a pretty recently updated theme. It also gives you links to go to the author who created that theme’s homepage as well as that theme’s homepage. So, there’s a little bit of information that you can actually check out before you download this to your computer.

You can also see right here this big green button that says preview. If you click that, it will give you a short preview of what this theme is going to look like on your blog. You can actually check it out and decide if you like it or not before you download it.

Finally, since we have located the file and checked out all the information, what we want to do is download it. You want to click this red button
that says download, and what you always want to make sure you do it download it  as a zip file. If you are using a PC, you want to search for that file in the dropdown menu. If you’re using a Mac, you doubleclick it and scroll down to where it says download linked file as. It should automatically come up as a zip file. You’ll notice it by this last part .zip, and save it to somewhere that you know you can find it. I save it to My Documents. Click Save. This is now saved to your computer files.

The last thing that you want to do is install it. So, what you want to do is come to your managed and installed themes page. To find this,
all you have to do is open up your appearance submenu on the navigation, and scroll down to where it says themes. This first page here is all the themes that you currently have available, and the theme that you are currently using. What we want to do is install the theme that you just downloaded.

You want to click install themes, and here’s where you do the same thing as you would for a plugin. You click upload. You then want to
choose the file. It’s in My Documents already, so I’m just going to scroll down and find that file. You click choose, and last but not least you click install. When it’s officially installed, it will give you a notice that it has been installed successfully or not successfully. As you can see, after it has finally been installed from my computer, it was installed successfully.

So, what you can do next is you can preview it or activate it. If I click activate, it will officially go on to the front page of my blog, and that will be my theme layout, or you can return to the themes page, and you will now notice that is it in your list of available themes. You have the
option to also activate it or preview it from you. You can decide that you don’t want it anymore, and you can always delete it.

You can always download and upload themes to you WordPress account. Thank you for watching.

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