How to Create a Real Estate Website Using WordPress

Hi.  Welcome to  In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a real estate website using WordPress.  And now it’s very important when you are a real estate agent that you have some sort of Internet presence.  So if you don’t, my suggestion is to create a real estate website, and if you are planning on creating a real estate website,
you really don’t need to go out and spend tons of money on hiring someone to design this website for you.

What you could do is come to and, for free, get started and sign up an account with them.  And the advantages of WordPress is, one, it’s  free.  You just need a server to host the website, and then a small fee to register a domain name.  Two, it’s designed for the inexperienced.  There are so many plugins that are used to customize the program to suit your needs that you really don’t need to know all
this HTML code in order to get started. And three, there are tons of WordPress themes and plugins that are created specifically for real estate agents.  So it also makes the process a bit easier.

So to get started, what you want  to do first is come to and get started here and sign up your account.  And we’ll also bring you
through a lot of directions of how to go about this process.  After you have created your account and you have obviously made your domain name and have your host service, what you want to do is start downloading some themes to customize your website.

So there are three themes I have in mind, but there are tons out there for you to investigate and choose from.  And the first one is the AgentPress Theme, and you can come to Google and you can type in this theme and it’ll give you tons of pages with different results for this theme that you  could get either for free or at a low cost. I just come to for this particular theme, and what it does is it helps you showcase properties and attract clients to your services.

Another theme is the WordPress or WP Pro Real Estate Theme, and this allows you to add property status and even built-in maps to display the location.  And any of these themes also have other features, so you could just scroll down the page and see everything that this has to offer.

The third theme that I suggest is the Homeowner Real Estate WordPress Theme, and as you can see, this is how it would look.  And what’s great about this theme is it includes a finance calculator; it gives you the ability to create individual Realtor pages with property listings and biographies among other great features to host your real estate website as well.

So these are, really, three great themes that I think are very important if you are starting your own real estate website.  Now after you have installed either these themes or any particular theme that you liked, what you want to do next is install some plugins because this helps you publicize your website and draw in visitors.

So what I did was come to, and these three plugins for real estate are, I think, three important plugins.  So first, we
have the Great Real Estate plugin, and this basically just gives you everything to create your real estate website and manage your property listings.  The next plugin is the real estate Q&A.  So this helps you bring in quality traffic because it helps you establish yourself as a knowledgeable expert inyour field.

And what you can do is join a real estate network of blogs where you can give your expertise and answers to questions.  If people like what they hear and see that you’re knowledgeable, they’re going to keep coming back for answers to questions on your website.  So this is another great way to put yourself out there in the real estate world.

The third plugin is this one that my cursor is on.  It’s the Simple Real Estate Pack.  And among several things that this plugin offers, the greatest thing about it is it has the essential real estate tools and it adds a lot of important features to your website to keep people coming back.  For example, mortgage and affordability calculators, live mortgage rates. It even allows you to embed Google Maps to give people local grocery stores and banks, hospitals in the area they are looking for.  And it provides school listings with statistical charts as well.  Really, it provides all the most importantfactors people look into when they’re searching for real estate.

Now I’ve showed you where to start at WordPress.  I’ve shown you several themes and plugins that I think are important when starting your own real estate website.  But now that you have maybe downloaded them to your computer, what you do want to do – if you now have your WordPress account – is when you’re on your Dashboard, come to either Appearance if you want to upload themes or go down to Plugins if you
want to add a new plugin.

And after you’ve clicked on either “Themes” or “Add New,” it’ll bring you to a page where you can then click “Upload.”  And now upload these
themes or plugins from your computer to now be ready for use on your website.

This video is brought to you by, and it’s how to create a real estate website using WordPress.  Please stay tuned for more videos.  Thank you.

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