How to Create a Custom Header in WordPress

Hi and welcome to In this tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to add a custom header to your blog page. Now the first thing you want to do is when you’re on your Dashboard you go down to appearance on the navigation menu and when you open up the menu you want to scroll down to where it says ‘header.’

This is going to bring you to the custom header page. And the first thing you will notice is you will have a preview of the current header you have on your blog. And there’s two ways you can go ahead and change this. The first way is you can upload an image from your hard drive. So by doing this you will click ‘choose file’ the same way you would do it when you want to add an image to your post and I’m going to go ahead and I’ll stick with the beach theme that we have been using and click a beach picture. Once you’ve chosen it, you want to upload it.

And once it uploads it’s going to come to this page where you have to crop it to the size that you desire. So you may want to scroll around to see a picture that kind of fits you that you think looks good and I think right about here looks good; you can even make it smaller by taking this arrow and bringing it in but I think this full picture looks good, right like that. And then you want to crop and publish. And

Here you have it. This is the new preview of your new custom header. But it’s not uploaded to your blog yet, so what you want to do is you want to scroll down, and you will click ‘Save Images’ and

Here it is how it looks on your blog. Now the other way that you can do this is if you don’t want to upload your own image you can choose one of these default images that WordPress provides for you. So if I want this one all I do is click on it and then once again when I save my changes it will then appear on my blog. Now when you scroll down there are just two more options, one you can remove the header image, but the only thing about this is you will not be able to restore anything you’ve already customized so by doing this you would just click this button and it will remove it, or you can reset the image to the one you’ve already had. So if I go ahead and click ‘restore original header image’ here you have the one we started with. And

This is how you add a custom header to your blog. Remember to always save your changes once you’re done. Thank you for watching.



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