How to Create a Blogroll in WordPress

Hi and welcome to In this tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to create a blogroll. Now a blogroll is a list of links that display on your blog or in most cases it’s a list of other blogs that you like or you read. and what’s great is that it helps your followers find blogs that you’re interested in or maybe find blogs that are a closely related to yours, or something they’re interested in, and it just causes a good traffic in between blogs. Now to go about making a blogroll you need to add links. So the first thing you want to do is on your Dashboard, you want to open up the link’s submenu.

Now you can do two things from here, you can either click ‘Add New’ which will bring you to the Add New link page or you can go to the links you currently have and it will bring you to this page or you can go to that same page and you can ‘Add New’ right from here. Before I do that I just want to show you what you’re looking at. So here you have a list of all the links that you have put on your blog. And now some of them are already by default, given to you by WordPress, and if you notice they’re all categorized ‘Blogroll.’ By default WordPress gives you this one category called ‘Blogroll’ to categorize all of your links. You can edit this and change the name. You can add more link categories, so that will be in a future video and here you can choose to edit and delete these like you can do with categories in posts and you can even ‘Filter’ them and ‘Search Links’ as well. It’s the same exact layout as your categories as your tans and as your posts. Now when you want to go ahead and add a link, you come to like I said on the navigation menu right here, or if you’re on your links page already you click right here where it says add new and it brings you to the add new link page. And

The first thing you do here is you want to type in the name for the link that you’re adding; so if you want to add one of your friends blogs you would type their name right here or anything you want to do to describe their blog. So I might just go ahead and type in my friends blog and I’ll just name it “Danielle’s Blog” and here I’m going to copy and paste here website into the web address box. Always remember to add h_t_t_p when you’re typing in your web address or else it will not work. And then it’s optional if you want to add a description so that your followers know what they’re gonna get or what type of blog they’re visiting when they click that link and then next you can even categorize your link. Now, we only have the one category give to us by WordPress here, which is blogroll, but you can add more links and you can even do it right from here. You can click ‘Add New Category’ and you just type in a name right in this box. So I might just want to say “Friend’s Blogs” and I can type in ‘Add’ and as you see it’s appeared right here and I can check which box I want to categorize this particular link into.

Then next you have your target box and now your target box tells your browser how you want this link to load in your visitor’s browser window when they click it. So there’s three options here: your first option is blank, and now this means if you choose this option that it will load their link in a new window. If you choose top, that means that it’s gonna load it in the top frame if you actually have frames and the last choice which is nonem loads in their default settings so it will be loading in the same window. So you choose here which one you want or you can even leave it blank it’s up to you. The next option is your link relationship option and this is like I said optional, you can choose the type of relationship you have with that particular link so if it’s another web address of yours you can just check out this box right here. If it’s a friend you can check off which kind of friend it is: a contact, and acquaintance. You have several options here and this also gives your followers kind of feel of what kind of blog this is to you. And then when you’re completely done, you want to go back to the top in order to add this link which is right here, which is this blue button, but if you do decide that you want to keep this link private so that only you can see it, you’re going to want to choose this option right here above it, and if you decide that you don’t obviously you keep I unchecked and then you go ahead and you click ‘Add Link’ and once you do that, it will appear in your links page.

Now I came to this page also because I want to show you that now that you’ve added another link category it’s going to appear right here, and the more you add the more your list is going to grow. And this is how you add a blogroll, Thank you for watching.



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