How To Choose A Domain Name

Your Internet address is your “location”.

You may recall a key element of real estate is location, location, location.  Well on the Internet your domain name is your location and the easier you make it for visitors, Google and other search engines to find you the more visitors you will have!

Domain names are represented by . The .com is the domain “extension” and there are many extensions to choose from. Some of the more popular ones include .com, .net, .org and, most recently we have .biz, .tv, .mobi (mobile phones) and even .me.

If you are launching a site for your business or yourself you most likely you will want to use .com.

However, while many of the obvious .com names are already taken, there are still many names you can still register.

So what name should you use?

If you are a major brand like CNN or the New York Times or even a local well known brand such as Joes Bar and Grill using your name will be valuable as many already know to look for Joes.  If you are launching a blogging site for yourself then, if you are well know, you may want to use your name.

Don’t use trademarked or copyrighted names or you may find them taken away from you.   The organization that manages the names process, ICANN, has the authority to take a domain name away from anyone who registers a copyrighted term and is not the legal holder of that copyright.

However if you are just launching a web site and no one would be familiar with you yet then you want a keyword oriented name.   Some of the most lucrative names, like, have sold for lots of money but you should focus on a name that will describe your business well.

If you’re a local business and you sell wedding gowns you may want to register and/or  You can register them both if they are available.

Shorter Domain Names are Better

Try to register the shortest name you can find.  Names like are too long for most visitors to remember.  But is a lot better.

One Word Domain Names vs Dashed Domain Names

In a perfect world you have a very short name like but in today’s world those names are mostly gone.  Therefore a little creative thinking is necessary.

Don’t be afraid to use dashes in your domains like but, again, try not to let it get too long.

Domains cost anywhere from $10 a year and up depending on where you register it.

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