How to Build a Website For Free With WordPress

Striking out on your own to build a website is easy and only takes a few minutes, but without the proper instruction, you could waste hours of your time and accomplish nothing but a massive headache. Trust me, I tried.

I found out I could build a website with WordPress for free, and I knew I had an existing site that came with my Internet account. No problem- I downloaded WordPress and got to work, but after several failed attempts, I discovered that I needed more software and more experience to come anywhere near having my own site.

After I took a break and calmed myself down, I did some looking and found that I could choose a web host that would take care of all those technical problems for me. I found one that was inexpensive and easy to use. Within minutes, I was up and running, and designing my very own page. This is how I built a website:

Choose a Webhost and Domain Name

I went with Blue Host because of the low cost and the easy set up. Choosing a domain name was easy; I used my name since it wasn’t going to be the name of my website or anything, just something to identify my account. Once you have signed up, login to your account using the domain name and password you chose.

Install WordPress

When you have logged in, you will have a control panel screen. Scroll down to the bottom and find the Software/Services section. Find the WordPress icon and click it to go to the download screen. You will see “Step 1.” Choose WordPress 3.0 (Stable), and select your domain name from the “Where to install” menu.

Go to Step 2 and give your site a name, yourself an administrator name and password, and check the “Automatically create a new database” box. Read the terms and conditions, and check the Step 3 box if you accept the terms. The final step is to click “Complete.” The software will be installed and your page will be created.

Personalize Your Site

Now that your page is created, you get to do the fun stuff, like choose the layout, or WordPress theme for your site. There are hundreds of free themes to choose from, and you can preview them before you make your selection. You can always change your theme later without losing any of your content.

When you login, you will find your “Dashboard.” This is the control room for your site. Along the left side, you will find all the controls to personalize your website and decide on what bells and whistles you’ll need for your site. For more detailed instructions as to how to personalize your site you can visit How to install Graphic Themes and also how to install feature add ins, or Plugins.  Use the “Help” button to find out what each option does, or click here to find more, detailed instructions on how to build a website to your own specifications.

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