6 Steps to a $100 A Day Online Income In 2012

This is a fantastic article that details step by step how to make money online. Its a realistic process that, if followed, can lead you to an ongoing income from your online efforts. If you are serious about building a steady income, whether as a primary or secondary source of income, you need to start somewhere and this is a great blueprint to consider. 

Ok, friend, here it is. This is how I think anyone reading, can go from $0 to $100 a day in affiliate/ad income with almost no work and but a minor investment in 2012. 

Is this a plan for income overnight? No. This is a 12 month plan. It’s a plan for anyone who can put their entrepreneurial ADD on hold long enough to focus on one thing for an entire year (you know… the way real business people do). This is a plan to generate a lasting income from a solid business; A plan to reach $100 a day initially, and push from there to $1000 a day and beyond. 

This is not a “new” concept either. It’s just a smart one. You ready? Here goes…

(Note: If you were able to buy one of our Unstoppable Authority Sites last week, you can implement this on them. If you didn’t, you can build a new site for them, no worries at all.) 


This plan is about good keyword research, extreme(ly easy) long tail traffic, and outsourced content.

It’s based on the idea that the long tail of search becomes longer by the day, and as much as we see those exact money keywords becoming ever more competitive… the tails of those keyword markets are growing longer too. The original principle of the “long tail” is that the tail grows towards a length where there’s more traffic to be gained there across all the different keywords than there is by getting ALL the traffic that can be got from that major 1 or 2. 

Anyone who’s gotten traffic from the search engines knows that when you look at your traffic sources, you always get traffic from long tail keywords you didn’t even know existed; much less intentionally targeted. And the way you get that traffic is by publishing quality content on long tail keywords, to your quality, authoritative site. You’ll end up mentioning words in your articles that will make them match search queries for other weird long tail variations. And the longer a keyword is, the more variations (of word order alone) it potentially has. 

The most important factor however, is that the longer a keyword is – generally – the more specific it is, and the further the searcher is along that “buying scale”. Here I’m talking about long tail BUYER keywords. Keywords 3, 4, and 5 words long that are the name of a product or some question about it. Those are money keywords and in tens of thousands of keyword markets across the web, no one’s targeting them. In fact, people don’t even know they exist. 

This plan is how you can take advantage of that fact with minimal effort, and maximum long term reward. 

Step 1: A Niche 

As always, you need a niche to get started in. Don’t think of the most way out, bizarre market here. Think mass markets. The bigger the market, the longer the tail. It doesn’t mean you’ll be competing with the big dogs for any keyword like “weight loss”. It just means you’ll be following the money, and picking out a spot in an already profitable market to claim as your own.

This is a niche too, not a product name this time. Like I’ve said before, nothing wrong with that, this is just something that also works. 

So pick weight loss, or Forex, or dating, or electronics. Something with a tonne of products available that’s always coming out with something new, where there are a lot of products that get searched for by name and a huge amount of search volume overall. 

There are plenty of markets like this and at this point you don’t even need to be too discerning (we’ll do that on your keywords). Anything with a tonne of products, and a tonne of searches, where money is being made, and you should be fine. 

Step 2: Get a domain 

If you can, try to find an old domain on the subject/main keyword that’s indexed in Google. (Just grab the url of it, go to google and search info:thedomain.com to check indexing. If it comes up there, it’s still indexed.) 

See if you can find something that’s cool, neutral and informative sounding. In big niches like those, it’s not hard to do. You can use Godaddy domain auctions, dynadot auctions and many other services, (like those we talked about in UA for those who have it) for this purpose. 

An old domain will be a big advantage in your new market, particularly in ranking for your long tail keywords. That said, if you can’t get an old domain, it’s not the end of the world. Register a new domain with a neutral sounding name, the major keyword in it if you can, and you’ll be all set. 

Step 3: Keyword Research

 What you need here is about 100-200 long tail keywords that relate to product names in your market. 

NOTE HERE: The ONLY way this plan can go wrong, is if you pick keywords that can’t be monetized well. I’ve made that mistake before. So sticking to product name keywords (even if it’s products you can’t be an affiliate for… you can always monetize with Adsense) is vital. 

This is the first place your small amount of work is to be done. You probably need to do this research yourself. But 100-200 keywords in a big market is not at all difficult to find. 

What you want here are keywords that APPEAR in the Google Keyword Tool. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if Google shows they only get 10 exact match searches a month. That’s enough. Writing an article on that keyword will mean you get traffic from it and other variations of it. And even if that keyword doesn’t bring traffic, the next one on your keyword list will (Remember you’ll have 100 of them). 

So if your niche is LCD Tvs, and you see the keyword “Vizio 42 LCD x1090” and it gets 100 exact match searches a month… that’s a winner. You’ll probably end up finding one product, say “Sony Bravia B1080” and that’ll have 5 or 10 keywords below it that all get over 50 exact match searches a month. Grab all 10 of them (not including variations where you could have the same piece of content rank for multiple keywords). You’ll reach 100-200 keywords before you know it. 

You don’t need the keyword with over 500 or 1000 exact match searches with this plan. When you’re targeting a product name term for a one product minisite, that opposite is true… but again, this plan is different. We’re going to be making money on the aggregation of lots of small chunks of traffic from lots of keywords and lots of pieces of content. 

What about competition? It won’t much matter. 

There aren’t a lot of keywords that only get 50 or 100 exact searches a month that are replete with high level competition so you’ll be fine on most of these keywords. Plus, even if you get a handful of the keywords with competition that’s too high, remember, it’s a balance thing. Publishing enough content on enough of these keywords and you’ll run into an equal number of keywords where you instantly rocket to position 1, as keywords that are too hard to break on to the first page for. 

Finally… I’m saying that keywords with any amount of search volume is fine, but I don’t mean higher volume keywords are bad. If you come across good keywords with higher search volumes, that have 3 or 4 words in them and don’t seem too competitive, by all means include them too! 

The key here is continual posting, and continual growth. That said, once you’ve gotten 100-200 product name keywords in your niche that get at least 50 exact match searches each per month, you move to step 4. 

Step 4: Set up a WP blog on your domain 

Won’t go into detail here. Do it like we recommend in Firepow, NBI, UA or if you can’t do that, find a good tutorial on youtube somewhere. There’s nothing much you can do wrong here that would destroy your chances of success provided you’ve followed the other steps.

Are there things you can do to tweak things here? Of course. But you can worry about those later. 

Step 5: Find a content writer 

This is key. You’re going to find a writer who’s going to work for you on a part time basis, continually writing and posting content to your site each week.

There are no shortage of content writers available online. You can use Elance, try the Warrior Forum, or use the writers we use. You just need someone who can write great english, with some decent research, to a formula you’ll give them, and who can also learn how to post to WordPress based on your instructions too. 

Your creating good instructions for a writer is your next little piece of work. Only needs doing once, so it’s no big deal. You want at least 600 word articles, divided into subheadings, with a neutral tone, information and possible reviews on the product. You can use the exact formula from UA if you have that, but if not, sticking to the above works fine. 

You should be able to get a quality article like this written for $7-9 a pop. 

When it comes to posting to your blog, you’ll have to show them: 

– How to write a good Title for the article (to include the keyword but be catchy and curious at the same time)

– How to set the permalinks with the little feature below the post title bar (just making the permalink the exact keyword)

– How to set the Meta Title (just copy/paste the post title) the Meta Description (an interesting and benefit driven sentence or two about what’s in your article) and the meta keywords (just the single keyword that the article is on)

– How to set a “More” tag (just click the little Split Box icon in WordPress) on each post.

– How to bold each subheading (Obvious)

And that’s almost it. 

This set of videos I did is a couple of years old but will still show your writer each of these points above in a simple fashion.

You should be able to get them to post your article for an additional 50c or so. It’s a 5 minute job of copy/paste once they know the instructions. 

NOTE On Monetization: To begin with, you don’t even need to monetize your site with an affiliate link or ad block. You’re not going to be earning money overnight with this method so there should be no rush. Further, it may yet prove to be a benefit in the eyes of Google if you don’t monetize your site immediately, but wait until it’s indexed (or re-crawled if an old domain) and even ranking before you throw aff links in.

It’s a test of your discipline too. Are you really in this for the long term? Can you handle waiting two months to even put up your monetization links? If you can’t, then this model isn’t for you.


You need to decide on a frequency for posting.

This comes down to your budget. At minimum you’ll need to do 2 articles a week, but if you want to push right up to 1 article a day, that’s even better.

That’s minimum $15 a week investment. Probably less than you spend on coffee or eating out each week. There aren’t any other costs than this, so it should be affordable. 

Picture what’s happening so far… 

You’ve got an authority site set up, possibly on an old domain, that’s publishing two articles a week, every week, on long tail, low competition money keywords.

In a month, you’ve got 8 pieces of content out there. After a year you’ve got almost 100.

What happens to that content and how does it make you money? 

Let’s have a look as we move to step 6… 

Step 6: Promote that thing 

Right now, you’ve got quality content targeting money keywords coming on to your site afresh each week, with no work of your own. That’s a powerful position right there. 

As long as your site is indexed, you’ll find that a percentage of the content you add, will rank, and bring traffic for SOME keyword, even without you doing anything to promote it. That just happens with these types of keywords. Not all of them will do that, but a percentage of them will.

To take it up a notch, you need to convince Google of this site’s authority. And you have to do what you can to grow that authority.

How do you grow the Authority? With Backlinks. 

So if you like, your work each month can consist of merely trying to get backlinks for your site. It’s not even important that the backlinks point to the individual pages in this method, and it’s not even important that you build 10 links a day or anything like that. If you were able to get just a handful of quality links each month to this site, that would add up, and the effect would be felt. 

It’s mostly just important that link juice passes through that homepage of your site and filters down to each of your pieces of content. This will demonstrate your authority and make it so that eventually every piece of content your site publishes carries more weight in the search engines.

For this, I don’t even need to lay out a specific plan for you, because most kinds of link building will help for this purpose. If you can get 5-10 good backlinks for your site each week, just pointed to your home page with a related anchor text, that should suffice. But you can take it to a higher level if you wish/are able. Let me instead just make suggestions: 

1. Get an Onlywire.com account, create accounts at each of the services and submit every second post that goes to your blog, through Onlywire. That will be a tonne of backlinks worth over time.

2. Use your services like ActuallyRank or BuildMyRank to submit maybe 10 posts/comments a month with a backlink. See UA for full instruction on using those services.

3. Ask your writer to write an EXTRA two articles per week of just 300 words each, on any keyword in your niche, and ask him/her to submit them to an article directory like GoArticles with a link in the author bio of one of your target keywords. That should cost an extra $7 a week and will have a tangible effect on your rankings when it accumulates over time.

4. Buy some links. Use somewhere like DigitalPoint forums to buy some anchor text targeted high PR links from blog posts on related sites. Even a couple of PR2 blog post links a month (cost, maybe $15) will have a big effect on rankings.

5. If you’re committing just to this site, you might even choose to get a bit social. Set up accounts on Stumbleupon, Twitter & Facebook for your site, build a community of relevant friends, share links of all kinds, and drop a link to something of your own once in a while (Note you don’t have to link to your money posts here, and you don’t just have to add posts to your site that are for monetization… something to think about ) The links/likes/shares you get from this will benefit your SEO 

The key here is consistency rather than a big blast. As long as you’re feeding SOME new link juice to your site each week, you’ll notice the rankings and traffic of each of your pieces of content growing over time. 

You’ll also notice that new pieces of content you add start to get indexed more and more quickly. If you can do this for even 6 months you’ll see how much authority your site can build up. After that, you can claim long tail keyword rankings almost at will. And it only gets better from there on out.

 KEY: Try to put some plan for your link building in place. Even if it’s only a 5 link a month plan, make it something that happens every week and every month. And repeat it. Repetition and gradual growth is the key to this plan.

 Expected Outcome 

Continuing to follow this promotion plan while your content is continually being added should gradually see your product name posts ranking page 1 for their target keywords. As visitors start to flow from those keywords, sales will be inevitable, even if your presell content isn’t that great. You’re getting motivated buyers to your site. The rest is easy. 

The more you post and promote, the more ALL of your content should gradually rise in the SERPS. 

Then you can look at your traffic stats, see which keyword areas and product names are (easily) getting the most attention and you can expand those ones out, adding more content there, focusing more link building there, and so on. That will scale up your income even faster. 

There’s nothing else involved in this plan. You’ll just keep doing the same things, over and over, and watch them yield greater and greater results thanks to those all powerful laws of compounding. 

How Does It Get You To $100 A Day? 

Let’s look.

I’ve done scenarios like this many times before, but let’s take the worst one I’ve ever done.

Let’s say you earn $10 commission from your affiliate offer. And your offer converts 1 visitor in 100. You need 1000 visitors a day across your site to make $100 a day. 

If you have 100 pieces of content, that’s each article on your site getting 10 visitors a day. It rarely works out like that, and will usually be something like 2 articles on your site get 100 visitors a day each, another 6 get 50 a day each, and another 50 articles get 10 visitors a day each for a total of 1000.

There’s nothing unrealistic about that. Remember, these are all long tail keyword gems. None of these are high competition phrases.

And if even one of those factors is different (say a $20 commission, or a conversion rate of 1 in 50… neither of which is even close to unrealistic) you’re looking at $200 a day instead of $1000. $6k a month instead of $3k. 

If you’re reading this, there’s no reason you can’t make this plan happen and achieve these results. 

Final Notes

 Remember: LONG TERM. This method isn’t going to be making you money in month 1, maybe not even in month 2. But you HAVE to persist. When you do it for 12 months, there’s NO WAY… read that again… NO WAY, that you can’t have a valuable, profitable asset on your hands, that’s both making money, and has the potential to be sold for a good sum. 

UAS Owners: You can do this in addition to pursuing a “multiple product site” strategy laid out in UA, where you try to rank for one new product in your market at a time. Don’t do it instead of. You could feasibly get a plan like this cranking while you’re just working away link building for your first 3 keywords. The linking you do for those three pieces of content will help out all the content that gets added by your outsourced helper. 

Questions: I know not every little detail of the plan is covered here – what exactly you should say in your bid for an outsourcer, or what widgets you should have in your sidebar – but I want to stress the simplicity of this plan. If I haven’t mentioned it above, it’s because it’s not important. It’s because you can make money without knowing the answer to it. 

Don’t get bogged down in the tiny questions you don’t know the answer to. Focus on what you DO know the answer to, and work on that. Your chances won’t be destroyed if you get some small detail wrong. A small hole WON’T sink this ship. Ready, Fire, Aim. I find myself telling people this a lot lately.

All of that said, if you think you have a big important question, I’ll do my best to answer in the comments below. 

So happy holidays my friends! Here’s to an extremely prosperous 2012! 

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