How to Browse and Install Themes From the Dashboard

Hi, everyone! Welcome to In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to browse and install themes right from your dashboard. Now, themes are the skin of your blog. It’s what your background and your layout of your blog is going to look like.

So, let’s get started. The first thing you want to do is come down to your navigation menu and open up the appearance submenu. You want
to click the very first option that says Themes. This will bring you to your managed themes page. From here, you can see what you current theme on your blog is. You can also scroll down and see the available themes that you have already installed into your directory. What we want to do is open up this install themes page.

From here, you have a few search options. It’s going to be similar to the WordPress directory options as well. So, you can by clicking this link, upload themes you already have. By clicking this link, you can search through all of the featured themes that WordPress has put out, which
pretty much changes every day, so it may be different when you click this link. You can also click newest, and it will bring you to a page that has all the recently added themes to WordPress. Or, you can click this link and it will bring you to a page with a list of themes that have just been updated recently by their creator. That means there may be several versions to that theme.

Or you can come to this search box and search for any themes by typing in any keywords, authors or tags. Once you search the option that you
typed in, it will bring you to a list of all options by what you specify whatever that keyword you typed in was.

What’s also cool is WordPress gives us a feature filter. With this feature filter we can search and find a theme based on specific features. We can do this by colors, columns, width, features and subject. You don’t have to check off boxes for every specific category, you just choose what
you want.

Let’s go through this. We’re going to make the colors for our theme be green and red. We want the feature to be a custom background, and
since we’re doing green and red, Christmas colors, we’ll make it a holiday theme. Now, I will let you know that your search may come up empty. Other times you may get one or two themes that specify your features, or maybe a bunch. You’ll find out once you click Find Themes. So, we’ll go ahead and do that.

We’ve only come up with one option, but it’s still something that contains all the features that we’ve chosen. It contains a holiday background. From what I can see it’s green and red. It looks customized. From here, what you can do is preview what this will look like before you install
it. Here it is. This will be the layout of our blog if we decide to choose this theme. I’ll just X it out.

From here, you can also install it. Let’s go ahead and do that. Once you click install, it will give you the version and the author of this theme. Then you want to click install now, this blue button here. It’s going to go through a little process, but as we can see it has been successfully installed. You can also preview it from here and activate it. Whatwe can do is we can return to the theme installer.

I’m going to go back to the managed themes, and you’ll notice it’s been added to our available themes. So, even if we don’t activate
it right away, it’s still here for us to use whenever we like. You can activate it and delete it right from here.

This has been our video on browsing and installing themes from the dashboard. It’s here for you to use whenever you’d like, whenever you
want to change your theme and update your blog. Thank you for watching. Please stay tuned for more videos.


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