How to Arrange Your Dashboard in WordPress

Hi and welcome to In this tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to arrange the dashboard. Now arranging the dashboard is optional. What it does is it changes the look of your dashboard to how you like or prefer it or to how you want it to appear most useful or easiest and it’s very very simple process.

What you want to do first is hover your mouse over a title bar so for instance right now is the title bar for this box click Quick Press is the title box for this bar and so on and once you hover over the title you notice this little black cross-looking shape and once you see that you what you want to do is click down and don’t release your finger from the mouse and you’ll notice now you’re able to move it so what you want to do is drag it to the spot of the dashboard you’d like to keep it and once you found your spot you release and it will stay how it is. Now you can do this with any of these to change it to the look that you feel works best for you if I want to move it back I just simply hold it and I bring it back to where it was.

Another option that you can also do is collapse or expand any of these so if I don’t want this entire right now box shown I click the button and it collapses. I can do this for all of them. And then if I decide that I want them open I will go ahead and do so. So this is another way you may want to make the look of your dashboard to work best for you.

One last option that you have on arranging your dashboard is you come up here to screen options and when you click this arrow it opens up a box where you can click which specific item you want shown on your dashboard. So everything right here on this show on screen is what by default appears on your dashboard and you choose which ones you want to keep and which ones you may not want to keep. So if I had it checked that means that it’s currently appearing on my dashboard. If I uncheck it that means it will disappear and as you can see just disappeared off the dashboard and then once I want it again, it reappears.

So you have the option to choose what you want shown and what you don’t want shown. Then you also have the option to choose the column layout. So if I want everything in just one column it will be one column, and as you can see it changed and everything goes down in one column like so. And I could also change it back to two columns like I had. I can make it three, and I can make it four. And as you see below, it changes to as many columns as I choose.

And the last thing I will mention is that once you are done, you’re changes that you have made automatically save, there is no button to click and save your options, it saves to exactly how you left it and you have the option to change it as many times as you want.

Thank you for watching this video this is how you arrange your dashboard. Please stay tune for more videos.


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