How to Add Videos into Posts in WordPress

Hi! Welcome to Today, I’m going to be showing you how to add videos into your posts. The first thing you want to do is go to your edit post page or your add post page, which you can do through your navigation menu. I’ve already started to write a post, and what I’m doing in this particular post is explaining how you can insert images. For those of you who are familiar with WordPress, you know that you can do this through your hard drive or URL.

So, what I’m first doing is I’m explaining in my post how to insert a image from your hard drive. What I want to do next is insert a video that shows how you can do it from your URL. There’s two ways that we can do this. The first way is you can actually copy and paste the link to that video into your blog post. What’s really cool is there is this autoembed feature which automatically embeds videos within your post by simply typing the URL in the body of the post. WordPress detects the YouTube URLs or the Google Images URLs and it automatically wraps the correct HTML code to make sure that your video player is actually being displayed in your blog post. So, that’s a really cool feature that WordPress has. When I do this and publish my post, this is what comes up. You have the actual video on my post, so my viewers can just click play and watch.

Another way you can do this, if you just want to insert a link for them to click, you would go to this second button right here out of the four icons and click add video. You can do this from inserting a video from your computer, if you already have it saved, or you can do it from your URL. What you do is just copy and paste that same link into the URL, and you just have to type in a title. I would do “Insert Image from URL”. I’m going to click insert into post. It’s going to appear as a link. So, then when I publish this post, this is how it’s going to look. So when I read my post and I’m done and I want to see the video, I click that link, and it will bring me to the YouTube page with that particular video.

That is how you insert a video into a post. Thank you for watching, and please stay tuned for more videos.


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Andy Johnson

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