How to Add Audio Files into Posts in WordPress

Hi! Welcome to The video I have for you today is about inserting audio files into your blog posts, and just like inserting images or videos, it’s very similar and very simple. What’s cool is whether you are adding a voice recording or even a music file, your viewers can actually save that into an mp3 player to listen to at another time. It’s just a cool feature that WordPress has.

Like always, you’re going to go to your navigation menu to start. You can either click to a current post to edit it or add a new one. I just added a new post, and I already added my title as “My Favorite Beatles Song” because really all I want to do is share my song with everyone. What you do first is you would go to the four icons where you can insert media, and you click the third one, which is insert audio.

It’s going to come up as the same thing for video and images where you can upload it from your hard drive or your URL. I already have it saved in my iTunes, so I’m going to select file. You just add it and insert it like that. It takes just a few seconds to upload, so while it does I just want to mention that WordPress doesn’t actually embed audio players into your post like it does with videos. So what you have to do is insert it as a link, and your visitors will click on that link that will open up a separate page where they can listen to your audio. But, what is cool is that WordPress does have certain plugins for audio handling that can actually enhance the functionality of your file uploader, and even help you manage audio files in your posts. It’s just something to keep in mind.

Now, what you do here is the same that you would do for a video or image. You type in a caption and a description, and of course, if you do want to link a URL to your link, you could just insert that right here. But, I’m just going to click none. Then you want to save all of your changes.

After you save your changes, you can actually just come here and click show. Scroll back down and you want to insert it into your post. Down here under gallery settings, you have the option to format it and how you want it to look on your page. So, I’m going to go ahead and insert that into my post. You’ll see that it inserts as a link, as I mentioned earlier. What I want to do is publish it. After I publish it, this is how it’s going to look on my blog. Just so you can see how it comes out, if you click that link, this is going to take you to the page that opens. Now, I’m just going to play a little bit of the song for you.

So, there you can see that you are able to listen to the media file from this page, and of course, you can go back and add new media files whenever you like and have a whole list of them for your viewers.

That is how you add audio files to your blog posts. Thank you.


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