How to Add an Image From a URL Link into a Post in WordPress

Hi! Welcome to Today, I’m going to be showing you how to insert an image into your post from a URL. Now, this video is very similar to how to insert an image from your hard drive, but there’s a few things different that you need to do at first.

So you can see we are on our add new post page which we can get to through our navigation menu over here. I’m going to use the same post that I used for the last one, and we’re going to first go to our add an image icon right here to the first one of the four. It’s going to bring us to this window box, and instead of clicking “From Computer”, which is our hard drive, like in the last video, We’re going to click “From URL”. This first text box right here is where we insert that link. So what you would do is go to the website or Google Images or wherever you found the photo. I found mine in Google Images. If you have a Mac, you’re going to double click and come down and copy image address. If you have a PC, you just right click, go to properties, and copy the image address from there.

I’m going to go back to the add media file URL, and copy and paste that link into the text box. Then there are a few details that you just need to insert. So I’ll once again type in “Union Park Café”. You have the alternate text you can insert, the image caption. Once again, we have our alignment of how we want it aligned in our post.

For this video, I’m going to show you how to link the image to your post. What you first want to do is always make sure that “http://” and “www” is in the link address or else it’s not going to work when your users click the photo. This is just good because when your viewers are reading your post, they can click the image and it will bring them to wherever you have it linked to. So, if I want this linked to the website of the restaurant, which I am, that’s where they’re going to be brought to.

So, here we have it, and we’re going to link to image, and of course, insert into post. It’s going to bring us to the same page as the hard drive video. Nothing is different about it except that we inserted the photo through URL instead of hard drive. I’m going to go ahead and publish it. That’s even going to look the same as well, except this time when I click the picture, the Union Park Café website is going to come up.

That is how you insert an image from a URL. Thank you for watching, and please stay tuned for more videos.


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