How to Add a Page on WordPress

Hi.  Welcome to  Today’s tutorial is about how to add a page, and the first thing that you want to do when adding a page is to come down to your page link on your navigation menu. And here, you can view all the pages you currently have, and you can add a new one.

So I’m going to go ahead and add a new page – and here I am – by clicking that on my Add New Page.  And a lot of people dedicate this to an About Me page, so if their viewers come on their blog, they can click the link on top that says, “About Me” or whatever title they choose.  And once they’ve clicked it, it will bring them to a page with the biography about themselves.  Other people use it to dedicate to a specific subject that they want to spend an entire page on.

So to go about doing this, you first want to insert a title.  And what I want to do is I want to talk about a website I work for called  And what I want to do is I’m going to type a title in that says, “About Us at”

So when the bloggers come and view our blog, they will see this title for the link, and they’ll know – when they click it – what it’s going to be about. And then here, I want to insert a test. So I’m going to copy and paste what I already wrote, and here I have a little bit of a short biography about the website, and I can make this as long as I’d like.

And what I also want to do is I want to change the color.  So if you did see our add post video, you will know that all of these are formatting options to change whatever you have included in your textbox.  And I’ll just make it blue because that’s the website theme color.  And then what I also want to do was insert a hyperlink, and what I did to go about doing this is I clicked this button right up here, and it allowed me to type in the URL,

And once I saved my changes, it came up as a link that can actually be clicked and brought to that page.  So I added this at the bottom.  And then what I finally wanted to do was publish this, so I go ahead after I’m completely done with creating my page, and I will click “Publish.”  And now to show you, when I come onto my blog, you will see right here where all the pages are listed up in this bar.  Here it is.  It’s About Us at  And I’m already on the page, so I don’t need to click it, but it will scroll down and you will see everything that I have just added along with the color, the text, and the hyperlink to the website.

And this is how you go about adding a page to your blog.  Please stay tuned for more videos.  Thank you.

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Andy Johnson has been on the Internet since the its dawn(ie his first computer program was recorded on cassette tape) and his first hard drive cost about as much his current MacBook. His first byline was in 1993 for a local newspaper rag he eventually helmed, and his last “real job” was at a computer start up which ended when it ended. Throughout it all he’s freelanced and blogged. Now he is mesmerized by Search Engine Optimization forever trying to “rise to the top” for the right reasons. He’s been married to his wife Julia for as long as he can remember and has two lovely, wonderful children. He looks forward to sharing the latest in the technical best for all the online entrepreneurs.