How to Add a New Post in WordPress

Hi! Welcome to Today, I’m going to be demonstrating to you how to add a new post to your blog. As you can see, we are here on the dashboard which is pretty much where you always want to be when you are navigating to different areas of your blog. I’m going to come over here to the left hand side corner where the navigation menu is. I’m going to click where it says posts. There a little arrow, and several submenus will appear that you can choose from. But since I’m adding a new post today, I’m going to click the add new link.

You’ll see an add new post page appear. First, you’ll see that I have a title box which is where you’ll insert your title. So, I went ahead and made my “Restaurant Critique” because this particular post is going to be a critique of a restaurant. Then, down here we have our post text box which is where you are going to be doing all of your writing and formatting.

So, two things that I want to point out at first. If you click this button right here with the T on it, you can paste something from NotePad or WordPad that you have already saved. You can do that by hitting control V or command V, if you have a Mac. Then you’ll insert right here, and it will appear in your post text box. If you using Microsoft Word and you’ve already written something in that application, you can click this button right here and actually paste it from Word, which I am going to go ahead and do. Then insert it, and there you see it has appeared in my post text box.

Now, I want to format it. So, many of you will be familiar with Microsoft Word and emailing, so if that is the case, you’ll be familiar with a lot of these icons up here, which are all formatting icons. So, for instance I want to take my header right here. I’m going to highlight it and bold it. So, I click bold. I may want to underline it, so I’m going to click the underline icon. Now, I may want to color up my post a little bit. I’m going to highlight a little area, and if you go over here to where the A has a red underline, you open this up, and see a chart of colors. I’ll go ahead and just choose red, and it will color up the part that I highlighted. You can use any of these icons to format your blog into how you want it to look.

If you come over here to where the toggle button is, if you click that, your post will appear at full screen, which is really great for editing and basically if you just want to view your post as a whole. Once you want to go back to the original page, you just click the button here, and it will bring you back.

Now another cool feature is if you scroll down the page a little bit to the bottom of the post, you can take this little area where it has the three little lines, and you can move your post. So, if it already looks like this and it’s all smushed in, you can pull it down to give yourself space to write.

One other thing that I would really like to point out to you is where it says visual and HTML. Visual is just where you are right now. It’s basically what you see is what you get. So, it is the area you can type and format. For those of you who are more skilled in HTML and know how to embed a codes, you would just click HTML and type in the same codes in the text box.

Now, if you want to insert a media file such as an image or music, you would go over here to where it says upload and insert. You’ll see four icons. These are the icons you’ll use when you want to insert an image into your post, a video or a music file, which we’ll be talking about in future videos.

One last thing before I show you how to publish your post is over here under where it says save draft, you will see a little area that says publish immediately. If you click next to it where it says edit, it allows you to choose the date and time that you want your post to be published. So, say you don’t want your post to be published until next Sunday at 5 o’clock. You would choose the month, day, time as well as the year that you want your post to be published, and you would click okay. On that day and that time, your post will be published.

Now, say I want to leave for a little bit and then maybe come back and add a little more to my blog. I would then click right here where it says save draft. So, no one can see my post yet. It hasn’t been published. I can return to it and add to it or change it to how I would like. If I want to preview it before I decide to publish it, I would click here where it says preview. It will open up to this page. You can see that I have the post I have just created right here. That just allows you to see if you like the way it looks before you publish it.

Now, I’m going to go back, and I don’t need to save it as a draft because I’m done. I’ve already previewed it, so I’m ready to publish. So when that is the case, you come over here to this big blue button where it says right here publish. I will click that, and now all of my viewers can read what I’ve written.

That is how you add a new post to your blog. Thank you, and stay tuned for more videos.


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