Google SEO Tip#9: Are Chrome’s Usage Statistics Used In Evaluating Site Speed?

Matt Cutts: I’m not a hundred percent sure about this one because I didn’t get to check with the Chrome team before I came on to answer these questions but I believe the answer is no, at least right now.

The sort of thing that Google is going to look at might be how fast do pages respond to Googlebot, if people have the toolbar installed and

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Google SEO Tip#8: Do Tag Clouds Help or Hinder SEO?

Matt Cutts: The thing to think about first off is what a tag cloud is. Typically you might have a blog or something like that and then over here in the right-hand sidebar or over on the left sidebar you’ll see a whole bunch of different tags that have been used to mark the different blog posts. And sometimes the tags are a little bigger if they have

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Google SEO Tip #7: Can A Spammy Website Affect the Ranking of Other Sites Hosted on the Same Server?

Matt Cutts:Great question. On the list of things that I worry about, that would not be near the top. So I understand, and Google understands that shared webhosting happens. You can’t really control or help who else is on that IP address or Class C subnet.

The other thing is, if you were to take action just on that Class C subnet or IP address, the spammers

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Google SEO Tip #6 – Why Doesn’t Search Query Data in Webmaster Tools Appear to Match What I See When Searching?

Matt Cutts: There are a few reasons why this might happen. First off, maybe you’ve got personalized search and maybe you’ve clicked on things or not clicked on things and so you’re getting different search results than a lot of other people might be seeing.

The second thing is it can depend on the country so maybe the query bank returns you number one in Australia but

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Google SEO Tip #5 – Can I use Robots.txt to Optimize Google’s Crawl?

Matt Cutts: This is another one of those NOOO kind of videos. I swear I had completely brown hair until you asked this question and then suddenly gray just popped in like that. That’s where the gray came from, really.

So no, please don’t use robots.txt in an attempt to sort of shunt Googlebot all the way over to one section of a website, but only for

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Google SEO Tip #4 – Does PageRank Take Into Account Cross-Browser Compatibility?

Matt Cutts: The answer is no. I mentioned this in another video but let me just reiterate; PageRank is based on the number of people who link to you and how reputable they are, the links that come to your site. It is completely independent of the content of your site.

So, PageRank doesn’t take into account cross-browser compatibility because it doesn’t take into account the content

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Google SEO Tip#3: How Much Traffic Do You Think is Generated by Marketers Searching for Their Own Target Keywords?

Matt Cutts: Real interesting question.  I think it probably is not all that much and I’ll give you a reason or two for that.

Number one, take a look at how many people follow me or Danny Sullivan on Twitter or people that subscribe to my blog; the numbers that you end up with are about 50,000. So 50,000 people follow Danny, about 50,000 people follow me,

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Google SEO Tip#2: Is PageRank Calculated Differently for Domains Registered Before 2004?

Matt Cutts: That is completely false. There is absolutely no difference between 2004 domains, 2005 domains, 2006 domains; they all acquire reputation in the same way.

There is literally no value to getting a pre-2004 domain or pre-Google IPO domain or whatever conspiracy theory you want to spew out. Please we have enough crazy SEO theories going on without new ones.

So no there’s no difference

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Google SEO Tip#1: What Is the Best Way to Check Your Own Site for Keyword Rankings?

Matt Cutts: Okay, you’re going to get a little bit of a rant from me here. In one sense yes the band’s best answer is to do the search, scroll through, and see if you see yourself. That’s the short answer. The long answer is you really shouldn’t be doing that. That’s the wrong attitude to approach SEO. Take a different look at it.

Rather than concentrating

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