Seo Tip #11 Can You Make the Real Time Results More Conspicuous?

Matt Cutts: That’s been the heated area of controversy over in Google because sometimes we have that real time results where they actually scroll upwards. That’s not something that you would typically see on the search results pages. Some people think that the real time search results are too visible when they are scrolling.

So the nice thing is that Google tends to have an open mind. We have a tendency to go back and reconsider things that we thought were closed two or three years ago. For example we recently introduced a brand new set of search results UI pages that are a lot more intuitive with a lot of really useful tools on the left hand side.

So I’m the real time search results is something that we will probably go back and reconsider more and more and more. Maybe they will scroll in the future or maybe they won’t. Maybe they will have a colored background. The nice thing is there are a lot of people who have a lot more experience than me to help make those decisions.

I do think the current results for the real time search are incredibly helpful so I think it is nice to call that out in some way. I often find myself, whenever I can see something scrolling by knowing that is very useful information that is very topical and very up-to-date.

So, we’ll keep working on it. Thanks for the feedback and we’ll see if it changes in the future.

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