6 Best SEO WordPress Plug ins for 2010

The way search engines crawl websites looking for content and then rank them in search engine results pages is constantly changing.  Therefore your efforts at search engine optimization (SEO) need to keep up with these constant developments. Unless you’re an expert in this field it’s difficult to keep on top of the unwritten rules of SEO and make sure your site stays at the top of the ranking and continues to generate organic traffic.

The answer is to stay ahead of the game and keep updating your own WordPress site with the latest SEO plug ins, which take the hassle out of SEO and almost do the job for you.

Here are 6 of the best SEO plug ins that have been released in 2010 and that can ensure your blog continues to hit the top spot.  As soon as you’ve downloaded your website builder program, download these plug ins from our resources page:

  1. HeadSpace 2 SEO: unfortunately far too many blog owners are forced to spend so much of their precious time on SEO and not enough on writing great content.  This plug in is being tipped to replace the All in One SEO pack plug in and helps give you the time to focus on writing by doing all your SEO work for you.  It allows you to tag your posts, create custom titles and descriptions that can help increase your search engine ranking, with tons of shortcuts to reduce your efforts and the time it takes to optimize your site.
  2. I Love Social Bookmarking: social networking sites are a global phenomenon that continue to expand at a rapid rate.  By encouraging visitors to rank your posts on social media sites you can draw in huge amounts of traffic as well as increasing external links, which is good for search engine ranking. This plug in prevents the need to have a long list of social media icons, instead using an attractive drop down menu at the end of each post so that visitors can submit and rank your post on over 10 different sites without leaving your blog.
  3. Google XML Sitemaps: statistics show that Google performs the vast majority of searches on the internet, up to 85% by some estimates.  So it’s vital your WordPress site is Google friendly.  As soon as you’ve set up your site using the website builder program, install this plug in which is an XML sitemap providing a directory of all the pages on your site.  According to Google themselves, this can help make sure that Google can detect all the pages on your site, including those that may not be seen by the normal crawling process.  Every time you add or modify your content new sitemaps are also submitted automatically to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.
  4. SEO Slug: if you’re new to WordPress, this plug in is a great add on to the website builder program.  It optimizes blog post titles to allow search engines to detect them more easily.  It edits keyword strings and removes conjunctions from titles, such as “the” and “a” to allow search engine crawlers to find content keywords more easily.
  5. Robots Meta: a really useful plug in that quietly works behind the scenes to improve your SEO without you even realizing it.  It automatically inserts “no follow” tags on any internal site links, which are completely irrelevant to search engines, such as login, admin, register and results pages.  This allows your site to be crawled much more efficiently and directs search engine crawlers to your most important site content.
  6. SEO Smart Links: another busy plug in that keeps on working while you can concentrate on creating brilliant blog posts.  It automatically links keywords to your pages, posts, comments and categories, which makes older content more search engine friendly.  It also helps to keep your visitors interested in your content and hopefully makes them stay on your site for longer.
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