5 Tools to Make Your Own Websites and Explode Your Income as An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most effective ways of monetizing your blog, providing your readers with an easy method to buy exactly what they need, based on a recommendation they feel they can trust. 

Yet the harsh reality is that only 5% of bloggers actually make more than a few dollars per month from affiliates.  That’s because it can be a tricky monetization strategy to crack, with months of hard work before you actually begin to make some decent money.  So that’s why we want to make the job easier for you, with 5 essential tools that put you on the road to affiliate success.  If you have websites you make on your own, you can’t afford to miss out on these affiliate plug ins and widgets, which are all available to download from our resources page.  

1.  Make Your Own Affiliate Websites With WP Affiliate Pro

This is a premium affiliate plug in that’s ideal if you’ve only just started to make your own websites.  For the price of $97 (a one off payment) you get a very comprehensive package that really gets you on the road to making a decent affiliate income.  Use the plug in to automatically add thousands of compelling affiliate links to your blog without having to rewrite any posts or add any HTML code. 

You also get a lot of control over how the plug in operates, with the ability to set the number of links per post and link styling. You also have access to various click statistics so that you can see exactly how many clicks each of your links gets and which are converting.  Plus you’re provided with email and telephone support, video tutorials and a 56 day free trial and money back guarantee. 

2.  Cloak Your Affiliate Links With Pretty Link

This is a really useful plug in to disguise your affiliate links, to make them look like standard non-commercial hyperlinks.  Unfortunately many website visitors are suspicious of affiliate links and feel the blogger may simply be making the recommendation to secure a quick buck.  This plug in is particularly useful if you haven’t yet built up a loyal readership who trust your recommendations, by creating pretty links that don’t look like affiliates.  Cloaking your links can also help to prevent affiliate theft, which is when hackers intercept your traffic and steal your affiliate earnings. 

Pretty Link is a free plug in with a whole bunch of other useful features ideal if you plan to make your own websites.  These include the ability to encourage readers to stay on your site, even when they are redirected by links.  A Pretty Bar appears at the top of the page, which is like a navigation bar, allowing them to come straight back to your site after they’ve clicked away. 

3.  Ninja Affiliate Plug In

Another premium plug in that’s extremely popular with successful WordPress affiliates.  Costing $97 (a one off fee), it allows you to easily convert your keywords into cloaked affiliate links across your entire blog.  You can also track the source of affiliate clicks, manage your links from your WordPress text editor and group them together, which is really useful for a large site with a lot of links.  Another fantastic feature is the ability to automatically set keyword link conversion, which means you can pick any keywords and automatically create concealed affiliate links to a set number of those keywords on every page right across your site. 

4.  Easily Manage Affiliate Links With WP Marketer

A simple yet really useful plug in for anyone who wants to make money from your own websites.  It allows you to manage and track all your affiliate and advertising efforts direct from your WordPress admin panel.  You can track results, easily add autolinks, cloak your links and establish a limit on automatically linked keywords, to prevent your site from appearing over monetized.  The other great thing about this plug in is that it’s completely free!

5.  Protect Your Affiliate Links With Affiliate Link Cloaker

If you’ve been building your own websites for a while, you may prefer to manage your affiliate links yourself.  However you’ll probably find this free plug in really useful as a simple addition to your WordPress program.  It inserts a small piece of JavaScript into your posts to give you a pretty URL instead of a standard affiliate link, which should help to encourage your readers to click on it.  Also this protects you from affiliate hijackers who can insert their own affiliate ID into your links, stealing your hard earned affiliate income. 

All of these plug ins are available to download through our resources and plug ins page now.  If you’re planning on building an income from affiliate links, make sure you’re effectively monetizing all the content on your blog.  This article gives you a step by step guide on how to monetize your older posts, which is a great way of bringing in some extra affiliate income.

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