5 Mobile Themes To Make Your Own Websites With WordPress

If you make your own websites using WordPress you need to ensure that your visitors can access your site from their mobile phone.  That’s because by 2013 it’s estimated that over 1.7 billion people will regularly access the internet using their mobile.  If you don’t make your website mobile friendly you’re putting yourself at risk of losing a large proportion of your target market.  The mobile audience is a huge segment you just can’t afford to ignore.

If you have websites you make on your own it’s actually quite simple to make them mobile compatible.  All you’ll need are some of the free WordPress themes and plug in packages.  It’s worth mentioning here that many mobile plug ins actually come with themes attached, because you need the plug in software for the theme to upload and make your website mobile compatible.

So with this list of the Top 5 Mobile WordPress themes, we’ll also give you the plug ins you need to upload them and make the job of creating a mobile website extremely simply.  All are available to download directly from our resources page:

  1. Carrington Mobile:  this is a mobile friendly theme that comes with the WordPress Mobile Edition plug in.  The theme is best used alongside the plug in as they work really well together, supporting both basic and advanced touch screen mobile browsers.  When a mobile user clicks on your website, the theme uploads in a one column format, with a simple yet visually impressive white and silver display. 
  2. WP Touch iPhone Theme: this software has been downloaded by over 800,000 website builders, so if you make your own websites you know it’s one you can trust.  This package is another theme and plug in all in one, automatically transforming your blog into an iPhone style theme that can be used by a variety of mobile touch screen users, including iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini, Palm Pre and Blackberry Storm.  The really great thing about this package is that you don’t have to alter a single piece of code in your regular website theme, so you end up with an elegant theme for both touch screen mobile users and regular website visitors.
  3. WordPress –Mobile Pack: another fully complete mobile tool kit that comes with a variety of themes you can choose from.  One of the key features is the theme switcher, which allows you to select different themes depending on the type of mobile user.  You can either choose the standard mobile theme, or go for advanced themes designed by Forum Nokia, which are great for Android, iPhone and Palm handsets.  This plug in also allows you to edit and write posts for your site from your mobile phone, meaning you don’t have to stop adding new content when you’re on the road.
  4. Smooci 2: this is a mobile theme that is used alongside the Smooci (WordPress on Mobiles) plug in. It has a simple design, with a bold black, white and silver color scheme that will look great on any mobile device.  You need to use the theme alongside the plug in, as this is the software that allows the specialized theme to upload for mobile users.  It is compatible with many different devices, including the iPhone.
  5. Wapple Architect Mobile Plug In: if you have websites you make on your own you may be worried that mobile users will lose the visual experience of your website and not be able to see it the way you intended.  This plug in is ideal for you, because instead of having a separate mobile theme it formats your website for mobile users as you designed it, with the existing theme adapted for the mobile screen.  You have complete freedom over how to style your mobile site and so many features from your original site can be carried over, including all your SEO strategies, comments and preservation of your URL structure to allow you to stick to one domain name.   It’s also fully compatible with WordPress MU, which is used by website builders to manage multiple blogs. 

If you’d like more information on how to bring your website up to speed with the mobile revolution, this article tells all about The Mobile Website Builder for Business, giving you everything you need to know about managing your blog whilst on the move.

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