5 Website Builder Designs to Die For

by Melanie Citron

You are finally ready to launch your website! Now all you need to do is pick a website design—but which one? With so many free website builder designs online, how will you know which one is right for you?

Well, we’ve done the work for you and scoured the internet for the 5 best website builder designs around. Check these out!

Free Website Builder Designs

In our opinion, WordPress themes provide you with the most options when it comes to website designs. There are literally thousands to choose from, in all colors, motifs, and moods that match up with any personal or small business website you have in mind. All the themes below can be found at  WordPress Themes Resource Page:

eProduct Theme

This is a theme for a business with a vision. If you’ve got digital products you want to showcase, then this theme is a must-have to get your message across. The large product image, clear buttons, and functional text make this edgy theme work. The light blue/dark blue combination is attractive and subtle. Your product will stand out and market itself with the eProduct theme.

Academy Theme

This theme is a winner amongst educational institutions and when you browse the theme, you’ll see why. The classic dark blue, maroon, and white colors of the theme speak traditional and reliable, and with ample room for pictures, your place of education and the students that make it shine will get a place in the spotlight.

Consultant Theme

This is a theme that allows for flexibility and creativity. It’s ideal for a consultant or professional whose main goal is to market themselves and their services. There’s room in this theme to show off your personality, skills, work experience, and of course, your services offered. There are five different color schemes available for this clean, crisp design.


If you’re looking for something a bit more fun, then you may want to consider a design like Retromania. This site screams Americana with its faded out stars and stripes in the background and iconic display of 1960s media items.


Here is a theme for the minimalists among us. It’s simple, with clear, straight lines, and no unnecessary bells and whistles. It gets to the point of what you have to offer—your content—and allows for no focus on anything else, except of course for the occasional picture here and there.

About the author: Melanie Citron is a freelance author who wants the web to be open to everyone. She regularly researches and writes about great free or low cost resources to help all have a great presence on the web. See more of her writing at BuildMySiteforFree.com.

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